BMW Vehicles Lose Safety Features with End of 3G Class Action

Vehicles made by BMW of North America, LLC includes telematics systems in its vehicles that provide drivers with features for both safety and convenience. The complaint for this class action alleges, however, that a number of fairly recent vehicle models were provided with telematics systems that operate solely through the use of 3G services, and  Read more

2014 BMW i3 REx

Volkswagen Front Assist System Sudden Braking Class Action

A car that suddenly slows or stops without input from the driver can create a dangerous situation. The complaint for this class action alleges that certain vehicles made by Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. or Volkswagen, AG have a defect in their Front Assist systems that “results imn sudden and unexpected slowing, sudden stopping and  Read more

2019 Volkswagen Atlas

Chrysler 300, Pacifica UConnect System Defect Class Action

The UConnect “infotainment” system installed in certain 2017-2019 Chrysler vehicles is defective, the complaint for this class action says, “result[ing] in the need for frequent software updates and expensive replacements of screens and related components. The complaint alleges that the vehicles’ manufacturer, FCA US, LLC sells the vehicles to unsuspecting consumers without warnings about the  Read more

2019 Chrysler Pacfica

Xbox One Drifting Controller Investigation

Is your Xbox One controller experiencing “stick drift”? That is, does the analog stick drift, or cause movement, on its own, without your touching it? Online complaints indicate that this can happen even when controllers are only a few months old. Unfortunately, warranties on these accessories can be as short as 90 days, so that  Read more

Xbox One Controller

Subaru Starlink Settlement

Subaru of American, Inc. and Subaru Corporation are settling a class action that alleges that their Starlink system has technical glitches that cause freezing, non-responsiveness, or other malfunctions.  Read more

2017 Subaru Impreza

Apple iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 Power Button California Settlement

A $20 million settlement has been reached with Apple, Inc. in a class action that alleged that Apple sold certain models of its iPhone with defective power (sleep/wake) buttons. The complaint claimed that Apple sold the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 to consumers even though it knew the power buttons were defective in violation of  Read more

Apple iPad, iPad Pro Bright Spot in Screen Missouri Class Action

Consumers expect quality devices from Apple, Inc. The complaint for this class action bring suit against the company for a quality defect in its iPad and iPad Pro devices—a bright spot on the screen.  Read more

Apple iPad

Cadillac CUE System “Spider Web” Breakage Class Action

“Cadillac” has become synonymous with high quality or “with all the bells and whistles,” as in “Cadillac health care plan.” But the complaint for this class action alleges that General Motors equipped cars in its Cadillac lines with defective Cadillac User Experience (CUE) navigation and radio touch screen displays.  Read more

Screen of Cadillac CUE System

Google Original Pixel or Pixel XL Smartphone Settlement

Google, LLC is putting aside $7.25 million to settle a class action claiming that there were defects in the original Pixel or Pixel XL smartphones. The complaint alleged that these defects could lead to the failure of the microphones or speakers.  Read more

MyFord Touch Malfunction Multi-State Settlement

Ford Motor Company has chosen to settle a class action about the MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch information and entertainment systems installed in many Ford and Lincoln vehicles. The complaint alleged that the systems are defective and do not work properly. Among the problems are that they will not respond to voice commands, do not  Read more