NFL Giants and Jets “New York” Team Designation Class Action

The NFL Giants and Jets are no longer in New York; they play in Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. This class action sues the NFL, the teams, and their stadium, attempting to stop the use of the designation “New York” for them. The complaint states, “If the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Liberty, Rangers, and other New  Read more

New York Giants Helmet

DoorDash Unapproved Use of Restaurant Menu, Name, Logo Class Action

A number of services offer to deliver to consumers orders they place at area restaurants for a surcharge. The complaint alleges that one of these, DoorDash, Inc., falsely gives the impression that they are approved by or affiliated with WokChow Development, LLC and its WokChow Fire Seared Asian restaurant, causing damages to the restaurant. The  Read more

Dish Prepared by WokChow