AT&T Reward Cards Delays and Restrictions Class Action

AT&T Services, Inc. runs promotions offering customers reward cards of between $100 and $400 in value if they sign up for certain telecommunications service bundles. This class action brings suit against AT&T and its affiliate, DirecTV, LLC, alleging that the reward cards are issued and activated in such a way that customers do not get  Read more

AT&T Sign Hanging from Building

AutoZone Rewards Program Expired Rewards Settlement

AutoZone Parts, Inc. is settling a class action with nearly $50 million in new rewards plus attorneys’ fees and other costs. The complaint alleged that when AutoZone set up its AutoZone Rewards Program, neither rewards nor reward credits had expiration dates; however, the company later changed its rules so that they did expire, causing members  Read more

Staples Rewards Program Class Action Settlement

This is a settlement of a class action alleging that Staples, Inc. did not accurately credit customer rewards accounts. The plaintiff claims that Staples engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices because it did not disclose that it used a pro rata method of calculating coupon discounts that sometimes lowered the rewards amounts applied to  Read more