Force Factor Pure BCAA May Break Down Muscle Class Action

Plaintiff Jon Seiger bought Force Factor Pure BCAA because it was advertised as helping to build muscle. Unfortunately, the complaint for this class action claims that it may actually cause a loss of muscle. The product contains only three of the nine essential amino acids that must be taken in to build muscle, it says,  Read more

Force Factor Pure BCAA Product

PowerBar Clean Whey Protein Bar Whey Protein Isolate Content Class Action

The complaint for this class action makes a complex calculation of the ingredients in Premier Nutrition Corporation’s PowerBar brand Clean Whey Protein Bar and alleges that the marketing of the bar as “clean whey protein” is deceptive. The proportion of whey isolate is too small, it claims, and the bar also uses an artificial sweetener.  Read more

Two Clean Whey Protein Bars

Babyganics Product Claims Settlement

KAS Direct, LLC is settling a class action brought against it for misleading marketing of its Babyganics line of products. The complaint claims that KAS violated certain laws in its use of the terms “Babyganics,” “mineral-based,” and “natural.” The settlement also resolves claims for certain products labeled as being “plant-based,” “tear-free,” and “SPF 50+.”  Read more

Scotts EZ Seed “50% Thicker” Claim CA and NY Settlement

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, Inc. and the Scotts Company, LLC are settling a class action alleging that it made false claims for its Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed product. Specifically, the complaint said that it seed does not grow grass “50% thicker with half the water.”  Read more

CoQ10 Supplements Settlement

Lang Pharma Nutrition, Inc. and a number of major retailers are settling a class action on the labeling of certain CoQ-10 supplements. Lang makes the supplements, then major retailers apply their own labels and sell them. The retailers include Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., CVS Pharmacy, Inc., Walgreen Company, and Meijer Distribution, Inc. The complaint alleges that  Read more

Nestle USA Misleading “No GMO Ingredients” Certification Class Action

How do we know that the food products we buy are up to certain standards? We rely on independent third parties to do the research that we can’t do individually and certify that the products meet those standards. However, the complaint for this class action claims that the “No GMO Ingredients” certification on Nestle USA,  Read more

Nestle USA Natural Bliss Creamer

Herff Jones False 10K, 14K, 18K Stamps in Class Rings Class Action

Pure gold—that is, 24 karat gold—is soft, and therefore usually not suitable for jewelry. To harden gold, it is normally mixed with other metals, and the maker puts an unobtrusive stamp on the jewelry to attest to the proportion of gold, often 10K, 14K, or 18K. The complaint for this class action claims that Heff  Read more

Herff Jones Class Ring

Hansen’s Natural Juices and Hubert’s Lemonade Settlement

Monster Beverage Corporation and Monster Energy Company are settling a class action protesting the “natural” designation of certain products in their Hansen’s and Hubert’s product lines. The complaint alleges that Hansen’s juice products, Hansen’s smoothie nectar products, Hubert’s lemonades, and Hubert’s lemonade-tea products are all labeled as “natural” even though they contain synthetic or artificial ingredients  Read more

California Neiman Marcus Last Call “Compared To” Prices Settlement

Neiman Marcus is settling a class action alleging that it misled customers with “Compared To” prices on price tags at its Last Call outlet stores in California.   Read more

Campbell Soups False “No Preservatives” Claims Class Action

Do certain Campbell soups contain preservatives, even though their labels say they do not? The complaint for this class action says yes, and claims that Campbell’s is trying to take advantage of “consumers’ preference for less processed foods with fewer additives and the association between such products and a wholesome way of life.” It says  Read more

Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Tomato & Sweet Basil Bisque