General Mills Fruit Flavored Character Snacks Artificial Flavoring Class Action

The complaint for this class action claims that certain General Mills fruit-flavored snacks are misbranded, with false and misleading labeling and advertising, because they purport to contain only natural ingredients and flavors when in fact they contain malic acid, an artificial flavoring ingredient.  Read more

Scooby-Doo Fruit Flavored Snacks

Nature’s Bounty Biotin Supplements Do Nothing, Says Class Action

Nature’s Bounty sells vitamins and other supplements. One of its products is biotin, provided in high doses of 5,000 to 10,000 mcg. But what do such large doses of biotin actually do? Virtually nothing, the complaint claims, even though the labels claim they help hair, skin, and nails.   Read more

Bottle of Nature's Bounty Biotin

Grisi “Natural” Soaps Contain Synthetic Ingredients Class Action

Consumers have become concerned about chemicals and synthetics in food, cleaners, and products applied to the skin. Because of this, they are willing to pay higher prices for products that are natural, that is, that contain no synthetic or chemical ingredients. Midway Importing, Inc. claims to produce natural soaps, but according to the complaint, all  Read more

Grisi "Natural" Aloe Vera Soap

Ann Taylor Outlet Stores False Pricing Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that Ann Taylor Factory and Loft Outlet stores deceived customers about the quality and price of their merchandise by advertising false discounts, in violation of federal and state laws. According to the complaint, the stores led customers to believe that the merchandise had originally been sold at higher  Read more

Apple & Eve Juices No Sugar, No Preservative Claims Class Action

It’s not hard to see the objection to a product being labeled with the words “[No] preservatives have been added” if the product contains preservatives. But when is the claim “No sugar added” false, if no sugar was added? The complaint for this class action levels both these allegations against certain Apple & Eve juices.  Read more

Bottled Water Falsely Labeled as “Spring Water” Class Action

In 2015, Americans consumed 11.7 billion gallons of bottled water, the second-largest beverage category after carbonated drinks. Bottled water volumes are increasing, particularly in the category of spring water. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that some companies that claim to sell spring water are selling mere well water. It alleges that James  Read more

Mrs. Smith’s Pies Contain More Palm Oil Than Butter, Says Class Action

Plaintiff Shatequa Leguette bought a Mrs. Smith’s Original Flaky Crust Pie, and the label on the package read, “Made with Real Butter”. Unfortunately, according to the allegations in this class action, the label would have been more accurate if it had added, “…but mostly made with palm oil!” The ingredient label lists a “shortening butter  Read more

Align Probiotic False Claims Settlement

Proctor & Gamble will settle a class action by refunding payments for products and making substantial donations to digestive health improvements, to benefit people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. The lawsuit alleged that the company made false advertising claims of digestive health benefits for its Align probiotic product. The company has also agreed to stop  Read more

Roundup Weed Killer Insufficient Amount of Product Settlement

Monsanto is settling a class action about its Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate Plus or Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Super Concentrate. The class action that the advertising for the products claimed they made more spray solution than they were actually capable of making, violating false advertising laws and breaching warranties. The affected products  Read more

Safeway “Made in Italy” and “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil Settlement

Safeway has agreed to settle a class action alleging that certain of its Safeway Select types of olive oil were incorrectly labeled. The complaint alleged that (1) oil labeled as “Made in Italy” was only processed or packaged in Italy with olives from other countries of origin, and (2) oil labeled as “extra virgin” was  Read more