Two Towns Ciderhouse Apple Cider Ingredients Settlement

Just under a million dollars is the price 2 Towns Ciderhouse will be paying to settle a class action alleging it violated California’s False Advertising Act and Unfair Business Practices Act. The company advertised its apple cider products as containing “Nothing artificial…” when in fact some of them contained dl-malic acid, a synthetic form of  Read more

Can and Glass of 2 Towns OutCider Hard Cider

No-Hide Chews Deceptive No-Rawhide Claims Class Action

Earth Animal “No-Hide Dog Chews” are named to advertise the claim that the chews do not contain rawhide. But this class action brings suit against Earth Animal Ventures, Inc., Earth Animal Ventures, LLC, and Pony Express Foods, LLC alleging that the chews do in fact contain rawhide.  Read more

One No-Hide Chew and Packaging

Organic 365 Ice Cream Bars “Dipped in Chocolate” Labeling Class Action

Whole Foods Market Group, Inc. sells ice cream bars that are purportedly dipped in chocolate and covered with almonds, under the Organic 365 brand. The complaint alleges that the representation of the outer layer as “chocolate” or chocolate coating” is “false, deceptive, and misleading because the purported chocolate contains vegetable oils.”  Read more

Box of Organic 365 Chocolate & Almond Ice Cream Bars

Wholesome Pantry “Vanilla” Coconutmilk Drink Labeling Class Action

The Wholesome Pantry brand offers a “Vanilla” Coconutmilk drink. This class action brings suit against the brand’s owner, Wakefern Food Corporation, alleging that the drink drink “purport[s] to be flavored only with vanilla” but in reality contains little or no vanilla.  Read more

Carton of Wholesome Pantry Vanilla Coconutmilk

Orgain “Sweet Vanilla Bean” High-Protein Milk Drink Labeling Class Action

Orgain, LLC offers what it calls an “All-in-One Nutritional Shake”—a high protein milk drink—in what it calls “Sweet Vanilla Bean Flavor.” The complaint for this class action argues that the drink “purport[s] to be flavored only with vanilla” but in reality contains little or no vanilla.  Read more

Carton of Orgain Sweet Vanilla Bean High-Protein Nutritional Shake

Sally Beauty Supply Quart Bottles at “Liter Sale” Class Action

Sally Beauty Supply, LLC has 4,000 stores around the world, half of them in the US. They sell both Sally Beauty professional product lines of products and third-party products. The complaint for this class action alleges that the company’s regular “Liter Sales” are deceptively advertised, because many of the products on sale at those times  Read more

Online Ad for Sally Beauty Liter Sale

True Lemon or True Lime Mislabeled Drink Mix Packets Class Action

Grand Brands, Inc. does business as True Citrus or True Lemon. It makes packets of drink mixes that consumers use to flavor water. The packet labels claim to contain only “simple and clean” ingredients and “natural flavors,’ but the complaint for this class action alleges that this creates the false perception that the drink mixes  Read more

Box of True Lemon Lemonade Packets

Celestial Seasonings “Honey Vanilla” Chamomile Tea New York Class Action

Consumers these days prefer natural flavors. But that’s not all: They want the flavors to come from the “characterizing ingredient” advertised. That is, if a drink is said to be honey- or vanilla-flavored, they expect the flavor to come from real honey or real vanilla, and not from some other ingredient, natural or otherwise, that  Read more

Box of Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea

Core Power “Vanilla” High Protein Milk Shake New York Class Action

The product at issue in this case is one that gives the impression of healthy contents: Core Power Vanilla High Protein Milk Shake. But the complaint for this class action alleges that it is labeled misleadingly and contains less flavoring from the vanilla plant, and more from other sources, that consumers expect.  Read more

Bottle of Core Power Vanilla High Protein Milk Shake

Walgreens Fast-Release Quick Gels Pain Reliever NY, IL, MO Class Action

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. operates a large drugstore chain, including Walgreens and Duane Reade stores. It also makes generic versions of popular medicines. This complaint claims that the Walgreens generic Extra Strength Pain Reliever Fast-Release Quick Gels misleads consumers into thinking the product is comparable to Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gels, when it is  Read more

Box of Extra Strength Pain Reliever Fast-Release Quick Gels