Old Copper Company False Reference Pricing Class Action

Consumers love bargains. But the complaint for this class action alleges that some companies put false “original” prices on items they sell to make customers imagine they are getting a bargain even when they are not. The complaint brings suit against Old Copper Company, Inc., formerly known as JC Penney Company, Inc., and Penney OpCo,  Read more

JC Penney Sign on Building

Franchise Group Website False Reference Pricing Class Action

Franchise Group, Inc. sells things like furniture, mattresses, and appliances on its website, americanfreight.com. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the company uses false reference pricing to make consumers think they are getting a bargain—that is, the complaint alleges that the company invents false “original” prices for goods, making consumers think they  Read more

Discount Price Tags

Chubb Discounts on Renewals of Insurance Policies Class Action

Chubb Ltd. is a Swiss insurance company that sells insurance in the US through its subsidiaries, including Federal Insurance Company. The complaint alleges that the two promise discounts on renewals of their homeowners and valuable articles insurance policies, do not deliver the promised discounts, and do not explain their calculations.  Read more

Chubb Name over City Skyline

Secretlab False Discounts on Gaming Chairs California Class Action

Secretlab US, Inc. sells gaming chairs and often advertises discounts on these chairs. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the discounts are false, because they are based on fictitious “original” prices, or false reference prices, at which the chairs are seldom or never offered.  Read more

Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Waffle House All-Star Special False Reference Pricing Class Action

Waffle House, Inc. is a restaurant chain known for its fast but freshly-prepared food. The complaint for this class action takes issue with its price for a meal called the All-Star Special, which Waffle House has advertised as costing only $10, with the price “$13.25” displayed beside that with a strikethrough, suggesting that it previously  Read more

Ad for Waffle House All-Star Special

Nectar Brand False Sales, False Regular Prices Class Action

Nectar Brand, LLC sells mattresses, bedding, and other products connected to sleep. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Nectar advertises false “sales” and “discounts,” sometimes along with a countdown timer that purportedly shows when the sale ends. The complaint shows two such ads, then alleges, “Everything about these advertisements is false[,]” including  Read more

Bed with a Nectar Mattress

Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, NastyGal California Pricing Settlment

Three retailers—Boohoo/BoohooMAN, PrettyLittleThing, and NastyGal—are settling three California class actions alleging they engaged in false reference pricing. The complaint alleged they advertised artificially inflated “original” prices on their websites, when they had rarely ever sold the goods at these prices, thereby violating false advertising and consumer protection laws and committing fraud. The complaint claimed they  Read more

Boohoo Name and Model Against Sky

US Polo Association Outlet Stores False Reference Pricing Settlement

US Outlet Stores, LLC, which does business as US Polo Association, is settling a class action alleging it deceptively advertised merchandise by providing false reference prices (or false “original” prices) at its outlet stores in California. The complaint alleged that the false reference prices led customers to believe they were receiving a discount on the  Read more

Interior of US Polo Association Store

Falls Motor City False Advertising Settlement

Falls Motor City, Inc. (FMC) is settling a class action alleging it violated Ohio consumer protection laws. The complaint alleged that FMC sold or leased vehicles at a price that was more than the advertised price or that did not include the advertised discount.  Read more

Falls Motor City

Lenovo False Discounts Off “Estimated Values” for Computers Class Action

Lenovo Group Limited and Lenovo (United States), Inc. are the largest manufacturer of notebook computers in the world. It sells its machines on a wholesale basis to retailers and also sells directly to consumers on its own retail website, Lenovo.com, including under the names ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Legion, Lenovo, and Chromebook. But the complaint for this  Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad