HP Website Computer Equipment False Reference Pricing Class Action

Sometimes companies advertise fake “sales” of their merchandise, displaying a false “original” price and a much lower “sale” price, when the merchandise was hardly ever, or never, sold at the “original” price. The complaint for this class action alleges that HP, Inc. engages in this kind of false reference pricing at its website, HP.com.  Read more

An HP All-in-One Desktop Computer

Udemy Courses False Reference Prices Class Action

When is a bargain not a bargain? When the advertised “Original Price” is fake, the complaint for this class action alleges. It claims that Udemy, Inc. advertises “fictitious ‘original’ prices and corresponding phantom discounts on its e-commerce website, Udemy.com.  Read more

Udemy Name and Array of Implements

Coach Outlets Fake Discount Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Coach, Inc. involving false discounts. The complaint alleged that the tags on outlet merchandise, showing a “MFSRP” gave the false impression that the items had previously been sold in regular Coach stores and was of the same quality and workmanship as the goods in the regular stores.  Read more

Coach "Dreamer" Bag

The Children’s Place Fake Discounts Settlement

The Children’s Place, Inc. (TCP) is settling a class action alleging that it engaged in deceptive advertising by advertising discounts that were not real.  Read more

Front of Children's Place Mall Store

General Nutrition Centers Discounts Settlement

General Nutrition Centers, Inc. and GNC Holdings, Inc. are putting aside $6 million to settle a class action alleging that GNC “misrepresented the existence, nature, and amount of price discounts on products for sale on its website, www.GNC.com…” The complaint alleges that the companies violated state consumer protection laws and common law.   Read more

Gap, Banana Republic Outlet False Reference Pricing Settlement

A group of popular clothing companies—The Gap, Inc., Gap (Apparel), LLC, Gap International Sales, Inc., Banana Republic, LLC, and Banana Republic (Apparel), LLC—are settling a class action on the issue of false reference pricing. False reference pricing occurs when companies offer “discounts” from a price they never charged for the merchandise, or when they place  Read more

New York & Company False Discounts California Settlement

The retailer New York & Company is settling a class action involving both its retail stores and its outlets. The complaint alleged that both retail stores and outlets advertised false discounts on merchandise.  Read more

Eddie Bauer False Discounts Off “Everything” Class Action

Class actions have been brought against number of famous brands for false “original” pricing in their outlet stores on merchandise that was made to be sold cheaply. This case alleges a new twist on such false reference pricing, by extending it to a company’s main stores, catalog, and website. The complaint claims that Eddie Bauer,  Read more

Eddie Bauer Ad with Three People on Peak Looking at Distant Mountains

Fossil Outlet False Reference Pricing CA Settlement

Fossil Group, Inc. and Fossil Stores I, Inc. are settling a class action claiming they engaged in deceptive advertising when they placed false reference pricing on outlet-only merchandise at outlet stores in California. False reference pricing occurs when a store indicates an “original” price or a discount off “original” pricing even though the merchandise was  Read more

Chico’s Outlets False Discounts California Class Action

In recent years, many brand-name stores have opened outlet stores in which customers believe they can buy merchandise from the main stores at deep discounts. But this is not always true. Some companies are offering direct-to-outlet lines and only pretending to offer deep discounts, to induce customers to think they’re getting a bargain. The complaint  Read more

Facade of Chico's Store