U-Haul $50 Guarantee of Equipment, Time, and Location Reservation Class Action

When Plaintiff Seth Newman booked a U-Haul truck to move his mother’s things to her new home, he was aware of U-Haul’s reservation guarantee: “When you make a truck or trailer reservation, we guarantee to provide you with the equipment, size, location, and pick up time as agreed. Should you not receive the equipment, size,  Read more

U-Haul Rental Truck

InventHelp Fraudulent Services for Would-Be Inventors Class Action

Plaintiff Etta Calhoun had an idea for an invention, and she was attracted by InventHelp commercials, which claimed that the company had “more than 9,000 companies who have agreed to review ideas” it submits. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that InventHelp maintains a fraudulent web of companies that do nothing but defraud  Read more

InventHelp Ad Caveman and Wheel

J2 Internet Fax Transfers, Renewals, and Portability Investigation

Are you an Internet fax subscriber who noticed changes to your account that you did not give permission for? We’re investigating Internet fax company J2 Global, which may have been meddling with customer accounts in various ways: by transferring customers to a different J2 provider, by attempting to lock in subscriptions via automatic renewals, by  Read more

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Big O Tires California Tire Protection Plan Settlement

Big O Tires, LLC has agreed to settle a class action brought on behalf of customers who bought a Tire Protection Package (TPP), Service Central Road Hazard, King Royal Tire Service, or equivalent service contracts for road hazard protection. The complaint alleges that Big O’s contracts did not meet a number of legal requirements and/or  Read more

American Airlines Bait-and-Switch Airfare Manipulation Class Action

How would you like to go through all the steps of booking a flight—finding a great offer, inputting your airports, choosing your flights, making sure there are no extra charges, entering your credit card info—and then, after clicking Pay Now, you discover that the price has suddenly risen by as much as $100? That’s what  Read more

American Airlines Plane in Flight

Rite Aid False “Usual and Customary” Drug Prices Class Action

Pharmacies are supposed to charge insurance companies and customers their “usual and customary” (U&C) price for generic prescription drugs. This is normally the price paid by customers who do not have insurance and who pay cash, but the complaint claims that Rite Aid charges a higher price, in violation of federal and state regulations. The  Read more

Apple Deliberately Slowed Older iPhones Via Updates Class Action

Do Apple updates intentionally slow down older iPhones? This complaint claims that it does, that there’s a partial fix, and that Apple has deliberately not told consumers about either one. The models involved are the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, or 7 Plus. Apple claimed that its 10.2.1 update would improve  Read more

24 Hour Fitness Prepaid Membership Litigation Settlement

24 Hour Fitness is settling both class action and government lawsuits centering on the company’s prepaid fitness club memberships that allow customers to purchase memberships for one to three years. The class action complaints allege that the company told customers purchasing prepaid memberships that renewals would remain at the same prices for life, but then  Read more

CenturyLink Pure Broadband Overcharge Missouri Settlement

CenturyLink is again found settling a class action, this time one in the state of Missouri that alleges that the company sold a “Pure Broadband” package that was supposed to be broadband service only but actually included a limited-use phone line.   Read more

Fry’s Electronics Refusal to Honor Advertised Warranty Class Action

Fry’s Electronics advertised the sale of computer graphics cards with warranties, but the complaint for this class action questions whether it intended to honor the warranties. Ramos bought an open-box graphics card for which Fry’s claimed it would honor the manufacturer’s warranty, but when the card malfunctioned, Fry’s refused to replace the card or refund  Read more