PICS “Vanilla” Soymilk Misleading Labels New York, Massachusetts Class Action

The Golub Corporation, which operates the Price Chopper supermarkets, sells a “vanilla” soymilk under its PICS brand. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that the product is mislabeled, because the unqualified “vanilla” representation leads consumers to think the product contains more real vanilla than it does.  Read more

Glass of Vanilla Soymilk Surrounded by Soybeans

Ritas Cocktails Incorrect Type of Alcohol New York Class Action

If you buy a product that says on its front label that it’s a “margarita,” you probably assume that it contains tequila. But that’s not true of Anheuser-Busch, LLC’s Lime-A-Rita margarita product, says the complaint for this class action. It alleges that this “margarita” product, along with several other products from the company, is simply  Read more

Lime-A-Rita Package

Star Snacks Energy Blend Mostly Peanuts Class Action

When we buy bags of snacks, we expect the food inside to look like the pictures on the front of the bags. Star Snacks Company, LLC’s Imperial Nuts Energy Blend does not, claims the complaint for this class action. The complaint points to the image prominently featuring walnuts, pecans, and almonds, along with peanuts and  Read more

Bag of Star Snacks Energy Blend

Kellogg Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts Contain Other Fruit New York Class Action

Frosted Pop-Tarts toaster pastries are made by the Kellogg Sales Company. At issue in this case are the Frosted Strawberry variety, which the complaint for this class action claims are misleadingly labeled, “because the label gives consumers the impression the fruit filling only contains strawberries as its fruit ingredient.”  Read more

Box of Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts

Sara Lee Frozen Bakery “All Butter” Pound Cake New York Class Action

At issue in this case is a pound cake made by Sara Lee Frozen Bakery, LLC. The product is labeled as an “All Butter Pound Cake.” However, the complaint for this class action alleges that butter is not the only shortening used, as the ingredient list shows “soybean oil” as well.  Read more

A Sara Lee All-Butter Poundcake

DAP “Crystal Clear” Sealant Turns Yellow Class Action

DAP Products, Inc. makes a sealant called DAP 3.0 “Crystal Clear” Kitchen, Bathroom and Plumbing Sealant. But is it in fact “crystal clear”? Not according to this class action. The complaint alleges that the sealant looks clear while it’s being applied but “turns yellow within several weeks to months of its application.” The counts include  Read more

Tube of DAP Crystal Clear Sealant Being Applied at Tile Seam

Naked Juice “Pure” Coconut Water with Flavors Class Action

If a product is labeled “pure,” can it contain other, unrelated ingredients? The complaint for this class action alleges that Naked Juice Co. of Glendora, Inc. deceives consumers when it labels a product as being “Pure Coconut Water” (in large, prominent letters) but also adds “With Other Natural Flavors” (in small letters, at the bottom  Read more

Bottle of Naked Pure Coconut Water with Other Natural Flavors

Dietz & Watson “Smoked” Gouda Cheese New York Class Action

Dietz & Watson, Inc. offers deli meats and cheeses. Among its products are wedges of Gouda cheese labeled “Smoked Gouda.” The complaint alleges that the labeling is misleading and false, because the cheese wedges have in fact not been smoked but get their smoke flavor from a smoke-flavored additive. The complaint alleges violations of consumer  Read more

Wedge of Dietz & Watson Smoked Gouda

CytoSport Lean Protein Settlement

Two categories of CytoSport, Inc. products are at issue in this case: its Muscle Milk Protein Ready-to-Drink Shake and its Muscle Milk Protein Powder. CytoSport has now elected to settle a class action alleging that the company made false and misleading “lean” and “L-Glutamine” claims about the protein content of the two products. Muscle Milk  Read more

Bottle of CytoSport Monster Milk

SafeHands Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer False Claims Class Action

SafeHands Solutions, LLC makes an alcohol-free topical antiseptic and hand sanitizer, which is sold on the website of the outdoor company Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) as well as on the SafeHands website. The label for the product claims that the product kills 99.99% of germs. The complaint alleges that this is not true.  Read more

Bottle of SafeHands