Pantene Keratin Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Class Action Lawsuit

Proctor and Gamble’s Pantene has been marketing, advertising, and promoting their “Pro-V Expert Collection Advanced Keratin Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Products” as being able to go “beyond cleansing to restore smoothness and repair two years of damage in 1 wash.”  This class action lawsuit claims that these hair repair claims are false, misleading, and reasonably likely to  Read more

Iovate Green Coffee False Claim Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that Iovate Health Sciences violated California consumer protection laws by selling a variety of weight loss supplements that claim cause weight loss in a scientifically proven manner in fact the science does not properly exist.  Read more

Dry Shampoo Class Action Investigation

This investigation focuses on a class of personal care products called “dry shampoo”. Many women report significant hair loss after repeated use. This broad questions are whether these products lead to hair loss and whether the manufacturers owe a duty to warn consumers about the known potential side effects of their respective products.  Read more

MyPillow False Advertising Class Action Settlement

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege the marketing, packaging, and sale of the My Pillow products was inappropriate and false.   Read more

Toms of Maine Natural Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that Tom’s of Maine violates state consumer protection laws by labeling its toothpaste and deodorant and other personal care products as “Natural” when in fact the products contain synthetic chemicals.  Read more

Seventh Generation Natural Claims Class Action Settlement

The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that the Seventh Generation violated certain laws in labeling, marketing, and advertising of certain products that they claimed to be "all-natural" and "hypoallergenic."  Read more

Publix 100% Real Parmesan Cheese Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that Publix Super Markets violates state consumer protection laws by marketing its Parmesan cheese as 100% Real” Parmesan cheese when in fact the product contains excessive amounts of a filler called cellulose.  Read more

Clear Natural Essentials Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Clearly Natural Essentials violates state laws by labeling certain lotions and soaps as “Natural” when in fact those products contain synthetic ingredients.    Read more

Method Products False All-Natural Claims Class Action

This lawsuit alleges that Methods Products unlawfully and deceptively labeled its products as being natural, naturally derived, plant-based, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. In fact, the products contained many synthetic materials that are considered toxic and allergenic. The plaintiff in this lawsuit claims that these practices violated multiple California consumer protection laws.  Read more

Debt Relief Advanced Fees Class Action Investigation

The class action investigation focuses on the debt relief companies that promise to reduce a consumer's credit card debt, but in fact may violate federal regulations regarding charging upfront fees.  Read more