Quadratini Wafer Products “Natural” Claims Settlement

This class action alleges that Loacker deceptively labeled and advertised its Quadratini wafer products as being “natural” or “all natural” even though they contained synthetic artificial, or highly processed ingredients; chemical preservatives; and artificial flavors.  Read more

Ashley Madison Fake Female Profiles Class Action

This lawsuit alleges that AshleyMadison.com violates state consumer protection laws by fraudulently lures men with fake females, misrepresenting some of the profiles on the site as real women interested in seeking a male for an extramarital affair.  Read more

KT Health Class Action Claims Deceptive Marketing of KT Tape

This lawsuit alleges that KT Health Inc. and its subsidiaries were unjustly enriched, by deceptively advertising their premium priced athletic KT Tape by claiming the product treats a variety of sports-related injuries, in violation of Massachusetts Consumer Protection laws.  Read more

Verizon Wireless Unauthorized SMS Charge Settlement

This matter alleges that Verizon Wireless charged customers for unauthorized third-party services from companies provided Premium SMS services like ringtones, wallpapers, and text message subscriptions to things like sports and entertainment.  Read more

Tincup Whiskey Settlement for Deceptive Advertising Class Action

Proximo Spirits, Inc., maker of Tincup whiskey, has reached a settlement in a class action alleging that it engaged in deceptive marketing by claiming that its whiskey was made in Colorado.  Read more

Maintamer Hair Damage Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that professional hair products company Innovative Styling Options, Inc. and parent Zotos International Inc. negligently created and marketed Maintamer Straightening System, a hair care product that caused hair loss and scalp damage, in violation of express and implied warranties provided by federal and California law.  Read more

Neopets Automatic Renewal Class Action Lawsuit

This class action lawsuit alleges that virtual pet website operator Neopets engaged in automatic renewals of customer subscription plans without making the clear and conspicuous disclosures about the terms, conditions and price of such renewals required by law.  Read more

GNC Sold Illegal Dietary Supplements, Suit Says

This lawsuit alleges that GNC unlawfully sold supplements that contain picamilon and BMPEA.  Read more

Burlington Coat Factory Fake Discounts Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Burlington Coat Factory violate state consumer protection laws by generating fake discounts on sale items.  Read more

CVS Vitamin E Heart Health Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit alleges that the vitamin E supplements sold by CVS Pharmacy falsely claim they are beneficial to “heart health.” In fact, the suit claims, the vast majority of scientific studies show that vitamin E has no affect on the cardiovascular system. Vitamin E particularly does not reduce the risk of heart disease,  Read more