Paycheck Advance Programs and Apps High Fees Investigation

Have you gotten an advance on your paycheck through a wage-advance app or a program your employer offers? Do you live in the state of New York, or is your employer’s headquarters in that state? Some users of these apps or programs have been surprised at the price they were charged for this advance. We’re  Read more

FinFit Name and Logo

L’il Critters and Vitafusion “Complete” Multivitamin Investigation

Do you or members of your family take vitamins to provide all the essential nutrients your body needs? Did you buy L’il Critters Multivitamins, Vitafusion Women’s Complete Multivitamins, or Vitafusion Men’s Complete Multivitamins because the advertising claimed they are “complete” and provide “essential” nutrients?  Read more

Bottle of Vitafusion Women's Complete Multivitamin

Trader Joe’s Underfilled Tuna Cans Settlement

Trader Joe’s is settling a class action alleging that it underfilled cans of tuna it sold. The complaint claimed that the cans held less tuna than the marked amount. The company will pay $1.3 million to resolve this lawsuit.  Read more

Three Varieties of Trader Joe's Albacore Tuna

DevaCurl No-Poo Hair Products Hair and Scalp Damage Class Action

Deva Concepts, LLC makes non-shampoo cleansers, conditioners, and other haircare products that are purportedly designed for curly hair, under the name DevaCurl. Three plaintiffs bring suit against the company in this class action, alleging that the products actually damage hair and scalp.  Read more

DevaCurl No-Poo and One Conditioner Bottles

SmileDirectClub Aligners Tooth Pain and Injury Class Action

SmileDirectClub, LLC offers consumers the purported possibility of straightening their teeth with mail-order aligners, without having to make office visits. But the complaint for this class action alleges that SmileDirect does not deliver what it advertises, that teeth may not be straightened, and that customers may in fact experience cracked, damaged, or otherwise injured teeth.  Read more

Person Inserting SmileDirect Aligner

DevaCurl Products Hair and Scalp Damage Class Action

Deva Concepts, LLS, which does business as DevaCurl, makes haircare products purportedly designed for those with curly hair. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that the products may cause hair and scalp damage.  Read more

DevaCurl No-Poo and One Conditioner Bottles

CBD American Shaman Products Heavy Metal and Mold Tests Class Action

CBD products are becoming widely available, but as yet there are no standards or standardized testing for them for strength or purity. This class action brings suit against CBD American Shaman, LLC for its claims that its CBD products are “all natural” and have “no heavy metals or insecticides,” which the complaint alleges are false.  Read more

CBD American Shaman Name and Logo

Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer Class Actions

When other plaintiffs want to join a multi-district litigation (MDL) case, they sometimes submit what’s called a short-form complaint that makes reference to the MDL case rather than lay out its claims in full. This class action offers one such short-form complaint, against Johnson & Johnson and Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. The larger, MDL  Read more

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Products

Premarin, Prempro, Premphase California Settlement

Wyeth, Inc. and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is settling a class action against it with a $200 million payment. The complaint alleged that Wyeth violated California laws by making false or misleading representations about the drugs Premarin, Prempro, and Premphase, including (a) that the medications lowered cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, and dementia risks, and (b) that the medications  Read more

Premarin Box and Pill Blister Pack

Califia Farms Non-Dairy and Coffee Drink Settlement

Califia Farms, a maker of dairy-alternative drinks, is settling a class action on the marketing and labeling of some of its products, including dairy-alternative milk, cold brew coffee, non-dairy creamer, yogurt and/or yogurt drinks. The complaint alleged that Califia made false or misleading claims about vanilla, carrageenan, chocolate, nuts, or other colors or flavors.  Read more

Row of Califia Farms Non-Dairy Drinks