Bank of America New Jersey LWD Debit Cards, Accounts Defrauded Class Action

In 2020, millions of Americans lost their jobs and had to apply for unemployment benefits. In New Jersey, the Department of Labor & Workforce (LWD) did not pay these benefits directly to individuals. Instead, it contracted with Bank of America, NA to distribute the benefits through Bank of America-issued, Bank of America-administered prepaid debit cards  Read more

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Bank of America Mishandling of EDD Unemployment Benefit Fraud Class Action

In California, the Employment Development Department (EDD) issues unemployment insurance benefits through an exclusive agreement with Bank of America (BOA). BOA provides the EDD benefits via accounts and Visa debit cards. Unfortunately, the cards have been subject to fraud. In October 2020, BOA “froze the accounts of roughly 350,000 EDD cardholders.” The bank also reversed  Read more

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Bank of America California Unemployment Benefit Card Fraud Class Action

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many more people have relied on unemployment benefits. In California, these are handled by the Employment Development Department (EDD); Bank of America, NA (BOA) distributes the funds. However, this complaint alleges that BOA “is either unwilling or unable to stop criminals” from stealing unemployment funds from accounts. It also appears to  Read more

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Bank of America EDD Funds Fraud and Lack of Response Class Action

In the “economic devastation” of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people are relying on unemployment and similar government benefits to provide money for basic living expenses. California’s Economic Development Department (EDD) has chosen to have its unemployment benefits distributed in the form of a prepaid debit card, issued by Bank of America, NA. The complaint  Read more

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Bank of America Inattention to Fraud on EDD Accounts Class Action

California does not pay unemployment benefits directly. Instead, its Employment Development Department (EDD) has an exclusive contract with Bank of America, NA, which issues the benefits in the form of pre-paid debit cards. Unfortunately, criminals have stealing the benefits from these cards. The complaint for this class action alleges Bank of America is responsible for  Read more

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Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions Settlement

Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions, Woodforest National Bank, and Paysafe Payment Processing Solutions, LLC are putting together $15,000,000 to settle a class action alleging that they caused merchants to unknowingly unroll in the Merchants’ Choice payment processing services. Also, the complaint alleged that Merchants’ Choice added unauthorized choices to their invoices, including annual fees, batch header  Read more

Nordstrom “Debit Card” Versus Bank Debit Card Investigation

Should Nordstrom even be calling this a debit card? There are some significant differences between these retail cards and real bank debit cards, and some customers have been unpleasantly surprised by overdraft fees and inferior fraud protection.  Read more

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Target “Debit Card” Results in Excessive Overdraft Fees Class Action

When is a debit card not a debit card? According to the complaint for this class action, Target debit cards are not because they do not play by the rules followed by other debit cards. In fact, the complaint claims, the Target card is more like a “shrouded electronic check” in that there is no  Read more

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Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card and Walmart MoneyCard Service Disruption Settlement

Green Dot has agreed to settle a class action about a longer-than-anticipated service disruption at some times during the period of May 15-22, 2016. The complaint alleges that some holders of Green Dot prepaid debit cards, and or of Walmart MoneyCards issued by Green Dot, attempted to use their cards during these dates but were  Read more

JPMorgan Chase Prisoners Debt Cards Class Action Settlements

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that JPMorgan Chase charged excessive fees on inmates’ funds on BOP Debit Cards and that cardholders did not give consent to receive their funds on a BOP Debit Card or to pay fees to Chase.  Plaintiffs further allege that the fees were not properly disclosed when the cards were  Read more