Wells Fargo Aid in Fraudulent Schemes, Credit Card Laundering Class Action

This class action alleges that Wells Fargo & Company and Wells Fargo Bank have knowingly facilitated fraud on consumers. The complaint alleges the company has knowingly provided “substantial assistance to three multi-million-dollar fraudulent schemes” from three entities that offered consumers trials of certain products, then charged them full price and enrolled them in “continuity programs”  Read more

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Accident, Injury, Stalking, Fraud, the Ghana Police, and Judge Judy Conspiracy Class Action

Pro se complaints (that is, those written by a plaintiff without a lawyer) can be difficult to understand. This one, alleging conspiracies among sixty-seven disparate parties, is especially so. The defendants include Andrus Transportation Services, Inc., Concentra Health Services, Inc., Earl and Earl Law Firm, PLLC, Wells Fargo and Company, Inc., the Bank of Ghana,  Read more

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Anda Opioid Distribution and Health Insurance Costs Florida Class Action

This complaint against another company that deals in opioids takes a different tack than most. The complaint claims that Anda, Inc., a distributor, through its careless handling of the drugs, has caused health insurance costs to go up.  Read more

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