TransUnion Public Records Settlement

This settlement involves an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program for consumers who feel they have been harmed by inaccurate information provided in a credit report about a civil judgment or tax lien. The inaccuracies include both ownership problems (where information did not belong to the person in whose credit report it was included) or updating  Read more

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TransUnion, TURSS Outdated and Inaccurate Eviction Info Class Action

Because consumer reports are being used by more and more parties, including by landlords before renting an apartment, it’s important that credit reporting companies acquire accurate information. But the complaint for this class action alleges that TransUnion, LLC and TransUnion Resident Screening Solutions, Inc. (TURSS) do not do enough to ensure the accuracy and currency  Read more

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Equifax, Regions Bank Erroneous Credit Reporting FCRA Civil Action

Plaintiff Christopher Carroll went through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in November 2011, with an Order of Discharge entered in March 2017. According to the complaint for this civil action, however, the reporting submitted for his mortgage by Regions Bank, Inc. (Alabama) and published by Equifax Information Services, LLC still contains errors relating to the bankruptcy.  Read more

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Nationstar Mortgage Pulled Credit Report Without Permissible Purpose FCRA Class Action

Strangers can’t simply go pull up your credit report; they have to be authorized and/or be doing it for one of a limited number of permissible purposes—so says the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The complaint for this class action claims that Nationstar Mortgage pulled Plaintiff Jeffrey Helbling’s credit report without his knowledge or authorization,  Read more

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Healthcare Services and JD Palatine FCRA Outdated Adverse Info Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by JD Palatine LLC and Healthcare Services Group, Inc. in connection with a consumer report. First, the complaint alleges, JD Palatine issued a report containing outdated adverse information. Second, it claims, Healthcare Services Group took adverse action without giving the subject sufficient and  Read more

Verizon “Hard” Credit Pull Class Action Lawsuit

This class action lawsuit claims that Verizon obtains credit reports through “hard” credit pulls, which result in significant harm including decreased credit scores for consumers and the disclosure of private information, despite instructions not to do so.             One plaintiff in this lawsuit, Eric Walraven, is a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  On September 19, 2016,  Read more

Nationstar Unlawful Credit Report Inquiry Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that Nationstar bank violated federal law by pulling a credit report from a prior customer without a proper purpose.  Read more

Business Information Group Alleged to Provide Inaccurate Reports

This class action alleges that Business Information Group violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by providing inaccurate reports to prospective employers and other third parties, and by not providing the required notice to the subject of the reports, allowing him to correct the inaccuracies.   Read more

Johnson & Johnson Background Check Unlawful Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act when doing background checks on potential new hires.  Read more

Experian and TransUnion Class Action Alleges Inaccurate Information in Credit Report

This lawsuit alleges that two consumer credit reporting agencies, Experian and TransUnion, willfully and negligently included inaccurate information in the credit reports of a Texas resident, in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Read more