Chase Rewards Points Forfeiture Class Action Settlement

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that JP Morgan Chase unlawfully forteited unused credit card reward points when the credit card accounts were closed.  Read more

Bank of America Credit Line Protection Plan Enrollment Alleged to Violate TILA

This lawsuit alleges that Bank of America deceptively enrolled customers in and charged for insurance plan protection products without express and informed consent, in violation of the Truth in Lending Act.    Read more

Capital One, Wells Fargo ATM Fees Class Action Alleges EFTA Violations

This lawsuit alleges that Capital One Bank and Wells Fargo Bank assessed illegal fees to users of Capital One debit cards and Wells Fargo ATMs, in violation of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.  Read more

American Express Gift Card Settlement

This class action alleges that American Express did not adequately inform buyers and holders of its gift cards of the full terms and conditions for using the cards. The complaint alleged that holders were not able to use the full value of the cards because they could not be used in a “split tender” transaction  Read more