Investigation of Hidden Costs in “Free” Coronavirus Testing

Were you charged for what was supposed to be a free Covid-19 test? Did your insurance provider refuse to pay the bill, or refuse to pay for things like the office visit or lab fees? We’re investigating to see if a class action is needed.  Read more

Person Putting Testing Swab into Tube

CSA, Generali Travel Insurance No Payout for Covid-19 Cancelation Class Action

Should travel insurance companies refund money prepaid for travel canceled due to the coronavirus? In this class action, the complaint claims that Generali US Branch and Generali Global Assistance, Inc., which does business as CSA Travel Protection, should provide a payout for a seven-day Hawaii trip prevented by restrictions or guidance from two state governments  Read more

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Northwestern University No Sound Facilities in Campus Closure Class Action

Like many universities and colleges, Northwestern University closed its campus and switched to online classes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. And, like a number of other schools, it did not provide pro-rated refunds of tuition and fees paid in expectation of on-campus education for the Spring 2020 semester. The complaint brings suit against  Read more

Arch and Fall Foliage at Northwestern Campus

Liberty Mutual No Payouts for Covid-19 Shutdown Losses Class Action

Businesses buy commercial property insurance to protect themselves from a variety of risks, including temporary shutdowns. The shutdowns to restrict the spread of the coronavirus have caused losses for a large number of businesses, but many insurance companies are refusing to make payouts. The complaint for this class action brings suit against Liberty Mutual Insurance  Read more

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Safety Insurance Company No Payout for Covid-19 Business Losses Class Action

Should insurance companies pay for business losses caused by closures to prevent the spread of Covid-19? The complaint for this class action alleges that Safety Insurance Company and Safety Indemnity Insurance Company should provide payouts under policies that provide business interruption coverage, extra expense coverage, and civil authority coverage.  Read more

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Alclear No Refunds for Closure of Clear Biometric ID Platform Class Action

This class action is one of many about money paid in advance for a subscription or service, only to have the business close down in response to Covid-19, without making refunds. In this case, Alclear, LLC charges a yearly fee for the use of its “biometric secure identity platform” Clear. The company closed Clear on  Read more

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Desert FCU, Notre Dame FCU, Others Refuse to Pay PPP Agents Class Action

This class action has been brought by an accounting firm that helped small businesses prepare applications for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). It alleges that a number of banks that participated in the program have refused to pay agents as the program requires. The banks named include Bank of America, NA, Desert Financial Credit Union,  Read more

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Disney Destinations Debits for Expired Passes Class Action

With the closures designed to stop the spread of Covid-19, questions have arisen about who pays for what, from memberships to airline tickets to insurance payouts. The complaint for this class action alleges that Disney Destinations, LLC suspended payments for passes for a time during the closures, then suddenly reinstated them—including in some instances for  Read more

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Wells Fargo Prioritized PPP Applications for Larger Loans Class Action

Wells Fargo has been a defendant in a number of class actions in recent years, with a wide variety of allegations. The complaint for this class action claims that Wells Fargo & Company and Wells Fargo Bank, NA violated the terms of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) by favoring certain customer applications over others, rather  Read more

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JPMorgan Chase Prioritized PPP Applications of Favored Customers Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that JPMorgan Chase prioritized larger or more favored companies when processing applications for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), against the government’s first-come, first-served intention. The result, it says, was a small company’s failure to get a PPP loan.  Read more

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