St. Louis County Failure to Appear Fee Settlement

St. Louis County is settling a class action alleging it improperly charged defendants in municipal court a failure to appear (FTA) fee or warrant fee. The fee was the amount charged by the county for defendants who failed to appear in a municipal court case, which was normally $75.  Read more

St. Louis County, Missouri

Missouri Sheriffs’ Retirement System Surcharge Settlement

The Missouri Sheriffs’ Retirement System (MSRS) is settling two class actions abut a $3 fee or surcharge that was collected for court costs during certain periods. The Fowler lawsuit is about fees collected to resolve a municipal citation; the White lawsuit is about fees collected for a Missouri associate circuit or circuit court.  Read more

Sheriff's Star over Sihouette of Missouri

City of Ferguson, Missouri Court Fee Settlement

The City of Ferguson, Missouri has entered into a settlement to resolve a class action alleging that it charged illegal fees in violation of Missouri law. The fees in question are warrant fees and failure to appear fees.  Read more

City Limit Sign for Ferguson, Missouri