Bigelow Teas “Manufactured in the USA” California Class Action

Some consumers in the US prefer to “buy American.” They would rather purchase products that were grown, made, or processed in the US. The complaint for this class action alleges that R.C. Bigelow, Inc. deceives consumers into thinking that its tea products are made and processed in the US, when in reality, they are made  Read more

Box of Bigelow Constant Comment Tea

Beef Companies Deceptive “Product of US” Labeling Class Action

US law requires that beef be labeled as to its country of origin (the Country of Origin Law, or COOL). This class action alleges that Tyson Foods, Inc., Cargill Meat Solutions Corp., JBA USA Food Company, and National Beef Packing Company, LLC have been violating this law by labeling some beef as a product of  Read more

Close Shot of Cuts of Raw Beef

Asahi Beer Brewing Location Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action that claimed that Asahi Beer USA, Inc. deceived consumers by advertising that suggested its beer was brewed in Japan. In actuality, it is brewed in Canada.  Read more

Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil and “Imported from Italy” Settlement

This class action was brought against Deoleo USA, Inc. alleging that certain Bertolli brand olive oil products should not have been labeled or marketed as being “extra virgin” or “imported from Italy.” The complaint alleged that most of the oil was extracted in other countries, from olives grown in those countries; and that the company’s  Read more

Cascadian Farm Frozen Fruits and Vegetables California Deceptive Advertising Class Action

Packages of Cascadian Farm brand frozen fruits and vegetables show an image of a farm in the Skagit Valley region in the state of Washington. The complaint for this class action claims by this and other means the brand gives the impression that the fruits and vegetables are grown on this small farm in Washington  Read more

Cascading Farm Building

Safeway “Made in Italy” and “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil Settlement

Safeway has agreed to settle a class action alleging that certain of its Safeway Select types of olive oil were incorrectly labeled. The complaint alleged that (1) oil labeled as “Made in Italy” was only processed or packaged in Italy with olives from other countries of origin, and (2) oil labeled as “extra virgin” was  Read more

“Extra Virgin” and Italian Origin Olive Oil Class Action and Investigation

Companies that import, market, and sell three brands of olive oil—Bertolli, Carapelli, and Carbonell—are the target of a recent class action that alleges that they make false claims on their labels, namely that the olive oils are imported from Italy, and that some of them are “extra virgin”. The classes proposed for this action do  Read more