FloSports FS Subscriptions and California Automatic Renewal Law Class Action

FloSports, Inc. offers sports broadcasting and streaming services across network sites in the form of “FS subscriptions.” But the complaint for this class action alleges that when consumers sign up for a subscription, they are enrolled in a program that renews their subscriptions every year, automatically charging their credit card, debit card, or other payment  Read more

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US Bank Drilled Safe Deposit Boxes California Class Action

People often consider safe deposit boxes the ultimate safekeeping location. But this class action alleges that some persons were robbed of the items in their safe deposit boxes with US Bancorp and US Bank, NA in California because, it claims, the bank took cost-cutting measures purportedly to “consolidate” its holdings of safe deposit boxes which  Read more

Safe Deposit Box

American Income Life Insurance Unauthorized Withdrawals EFTA Class Action

The plaintiff in this case was a customer of American Income Life Insurance Company. This class action alleges that American Income sold an insurance policy to her sister, but then proceeded to take money out of her account, without her permission, to pay for it. The complaint alleges conversion and violation of the federal Electronic  Read more

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PayPal Seizure of Customer Funds Without Notice Class Action

Lena Evans began using PayPal in August 1999. The complaint for this class action alleges, “Without any advance warning, on or about November 22, 2020, Ms. Evans learned that her PayPal account was frozen.” Later, she learned that PayPal had seized nearly $27,000 from the account without providing her with any reason why. The other  Read more

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Uber Eats Sales Tax on Promotional Discounts New York Class Action

Uber Technologies, Inc. operates Uber Eats, a food delivery service that brings consumers dishes from restaurants. Uber Eats offers customers coupons so that they will try its services. The complaint for this class action alleges that Uber Eats charges excessive sales tax on promotions, basing it on the full amount of the bill before the  Read more

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UMB Bank Pressures Debtor to Take Farmers’ Grain Without Payment, Says Class Action

This class action is brought by Mississippi farmers against UMB Bank, NA, alleging that it propped up Express Grain Terminals and pressured it to take farmers’ grain during the fall harvest, so that the farmers were not paid for the grain. The complaint alleges that UMB understood Express Grain’s financial situation and took advantage of  Read more

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E-ZPass System Overcharges for Motorcycles Class Action

The E-ZPass system is an electronic tolling collection system that allows drivers to put a small transponder on their windscreens and pay tolls electronically as they pass through toll points. The problem alleged by this class action is that motorcycles that use the E-ZPass system may be charged as a different class of vehicle. They  Read more

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QuickBooks “No Extra Fees” Charged for One-Day Transfers Class Action

QuickBooks is a software product of Intuit, Inc. In March 2020, it announced a change to its ACH payment processing. The company’s announcement said that processing would now be done in one day with no extra fees; however, according to the complaint for this class action, the company actually is charging fees.  Read more

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JPMorgan Chase Bank Funds from IOLTA Account Illinois Class Action

Lawyers are not permitted to commingle client funds with their own money. To hold client funds they are administering, they must open Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTAs), which are heavily regulated. The complaint for this class action alleges that JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA broke the rules by taking by taking money from an attorney’s  Read more

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Student Loan Financial Assistance Fraudulent Loan Assistance Class Action

People tend to repay their student loan debt over long periods of time, and some find it a struggle. This class action brings suit against Student Loan Financial Assistance (SLFA) and its highest-ranking officer, Jerry Yirenkyi. The complaint alleges that SLFA and Yirenkyi “misrepresent the cost and features of federal loan repayment programs in order  Read more

Student Loan Debt