Epic Games Contracts with Minors for Purchases in Fortnite Class Action

Minors may be able to break contracts they make without adult input. The complaint for this class action brings suit against Epic Games, Inc., alleging it misleads and manipulates minors into making contracts with it, to use real money to buy virtual currency and objects, for use in the game Fortnite, and in the end,  Read more

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Fortnite Game Lures Minors into In-App Purchases Class Action

Epic Games, Inc. permits free downloads of its video games, including the game Fortnite, which is aimed at children. However, the free games aren’t always entirely free; they may involve in-app purchases. The complaint for this class action asking for a declaratory judgment confirming “a minor’s right to disaffirm in-app purchases…” That is, the complaint  Read more

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Adobe ACCP Refusal to Allow Minors to Disaffirm Class Action

Adobe makes a suite of tools called Adobe Creative Cloud Platform (ACCP), which charges a subscription fee to permit persons age 13 and older to develop and distribute creative content. But children who are 13 years old are not adults, and this class action alleges that Adobe must allow them, their parents, or their guardians  Read more