EzriCare, Delsam Artificial Tears Contaminated with Bacteria Class Action

How would you feel if you discovered that in using certain eyedrops, you were dropping bacteria into your eyes? The complaint for this class action brings suit against EzriCare, LLC, EzriRx, LLC, Delsam Pharma, LLC, Global Pharma Healthcare Private, Ltd., and Aru Pharma, Inc., alleging that the two products, EzriCare Artificial Tears and Delsam Pharma  Read more

EzriCare Artificial Tears

Abbott Laboratories Infant Formula Contained Cronobacter Sakazakii Class Action

Abbott Laboratories, which does business as Abbott Nutrition, is a company that was founded 130 years ago and that is a major player in the market for infant formula. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that it made and sold infant formula products that were contaminated with Cronobacter sakazakii and possibly also Salmonella.  Read more

Baby Bottle and Scoop of Formula

Godiva Dark Chocolate Contains Concerning Levels of Lead Class Action

This class action is based on a December 2022 Consumer Reports testing of products that revealed that certain dark chocolates contain concerning levels of heavy metals. The complaint for this class action alleges that high levels of lead were found in a chocolate bar product from Godiva Chocolatier, Inc., the Godiva Signature 72% Cacao Dark  Read more

Godiva Signature 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo Products Benzene Content Class Action

Recently benzene was found in a number of aerosol personal care products, including sun care products, deodorants, and antiperspirants. In October 2022, Valisure, a company that tests consumer products, tested a number of dry shampoos for benzene as well. The complaint for this class action brings suit against DeMert Brands, LLC, alleging benzene was found  Read more

Not Your Mother's Plump for Joy Body Building Dry Shampoo – Orange Mango

Batiste Dry Shampoo Products Benzene Content Class Action

Recently, benzene has been found in certain aerosol personal care products. The complaint for this class action calls benzene “a carcinogenic impurity that has been linked to leukemia and other cancers.” It brings suit against Church & Dwight Co., Inc., alleging that its dry shampoo products also contain benzene.  Read more

Batiste Dry Shampoo Clean & Classic Original

The Laundress Products Bacteria and Injuries Class Action

The Laundress was introduced as a maker of high-end cleaning products, such as detergents, household cleaners, and shampoos. This class action brings suit against The Laundress, LLC and Conopco, Inc., which does business as Unilever Home & Personal Care USA, which are responsible for the products, alleging that the Laundress products were contaminated with a  Read more

The Laundress Products

Pine-Sol Cleaners Contained Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bacteria Class Action

The Clorox Company sells cleaning products throughout the country, including Pine-Sol for cleaning floors and other nonporous surfaces. Unfortunately, the complaint for this class action alleges that Pine-Sol products have been (or may be) contaminated by bacteria that can increase users’ risks of getting invasive infections and other injuries, and that this was not disclosing  Read more

Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner Lemon Fresh

Procter & Gamble Benzene in Aerosol Products Settlement

Procter & Gamble is settling a group of class actions consolidated into a multidistrict litigation about the marketing of certain of its aerosol products, including antiperspirant, deodorant, body spray, dry shampoo, and dry conditioner products, under the brands Secret, Old Spice, Pantene, Waterless, Aussie, Herbal Essences, and Hair Food. The complaint alleges that benzene was  Read more

Secret Antiperspirant Aerosols

Benzene in Brut and Sure Antiperspirant Products Settlement

TCP HOT Acquisition, LLC and Idelle Labs, Ltd. are settling a consolidated class action about certain Brut and Sure aerosol antiperspirants with a $3.65 million payment. The complaint alleged that the products were improperly marketed, because benzene was found in them but there was no disclosure of benzene on the labels.  Read more

Brut Classic Antiperspirant Aerosol

Lyons, Stumptown, Other Drinks Contaminated with Bacteria Class Action

This class action claims that certain protein drinks, coffees, nutritional shakes, and other supplement products have been recalled because they were contaminated with Cronobacter Sakazakii bacteria. It brings suit against a food service company, Lyons Magnus, LLC, and a subsidiary that may be the direct producer if the products, TRU Aseptics, LLC.  Read more

Recalled Lyons Products