All Day Energy Greens Contamination and Mislabeling Class Action

Supplements don’t always do what they’re purported to do, but most of us assume they’re harmless. The complaint alleges that Bactolac Pharmaceutical, Inc. and NaturMed, Inc. (IVL) designed, made, and sold the supplement All Day Energy Greens as an all-natural energy drink, but claims that in reality it did not provide more energy and sickened  Read more

Canister of All Day Energy Greens

Avastin Injections Side Effects Investigation

When you go for an eye treatment for worsening vision, you don’t expect the treatment to leave you blind in that eye. Yet for once the drug used for treatment doesn’t seem to be at fault, and we’re currently investigating what the problem might be. Avastin (also known as bevacizumab) has been approved by the  Read more