365 Everyday Value Artificially Flavored “Vanilla” Almondmilk Creamer Class Action

When does a company get to identify a food product as simply “vanilla,” and not “vanilla flavored” or with some other qualifier? The complaint for this class action brings suit against Whole Foods Market Group, Inc., alleging that its 365 Everyday Value brand “Vanilla” Organic Almondmilk Coffee Creamer should not be labeled with the word  Read more

365 Everyday Value Organic Vanilla Almondmilk Creamer

Organic Valley “French Vanilla” Half-and-Half Creamer Class Action

What does it mean when Cooperative Regions of Organic Producer Pools identifies the flavor of its half-and-half creamer as “French Vanilla”? According to the complaint for this class action, it means the flavor is provided by vanilla from Madagascar, a former French colony. But the complaint alleges that this is not true and that the  Read more

Organic Valley French Vanilla Half-and-Half Creamer

Carnation Breakfast Essentials Artificial “Vanilla” Flavor Illinois Class Action

Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition, Inc. makes a powdered nutritional drink mix in its Carnation Breakfast Essentials line, in a flavor it calls “Classic French Vanilla.” The complaint for this class action alleges that this flavor labeling is “false and misleading” because the product is not flavored with real vanilla or vanilla extract.  Read more

Carnation Breakfast Essentials Classic French Vanilla Product

Orgain Vanilla Organic Protein Almondmilk No Vanilla Ingredients Class Action

Under what conditions can a drink, like an almondmilk, be labeled simply as “Vanilla,” without a qualifier, such as “Vanilla Flavored” or “Artificially Flavored Vanilla”? The complaint for this class action alleges that Orgain, LLC’s Unsweetened Vanilla Organic Protein Almondmilk is improperly labeled because its unqualified use of the word “Vanilla” makes consumers think that  Read more

Orgain Unsweetened Vanilla Organic Protein Almondmilk

Truli “Vanilla” Almondmilk Vanilla Content Class Action

When is “Vanilla” not vanilla? The complaint for this class action brings suit against Moran Foods, LLC, which operates the Save-A-Lot grocery stores, for its “deceptive labeling, marketing, and sale” of its Truli Vanilla Almondmilk, alleging that the product is not flavored with any real vanilla.  Read more

Carton of Truli Vanilla Almondmilk

Kids Protein “Vanilla” Organic Nutritional Shake Real Vanilla Content Class Action

Orgain, LLC makes drinks it calls Kids Protein Organic Nutritional Shake. This class action alleges that the Vanilla variety of the drink is labeled in a false and misleading way because it gives the impression that the vanilla flavoring is entirely natural, from the vanilla plant, when, according to the complaint, it most likely contains  Read more

Container of Vanilla Kids Protein Drink

Bagel Bites Pizza Snacks “Mozzarella” Content Class Action

Kraft Heinz Foods Company makes a popular frozen food called Bagel Bites Pizza Snacks, with the promise of “mozzarella cheese” prominently placed on the front of the box. The complaint for this class action alleges that this representation is misleading, because the product does not contain only real mozzarella cheese.  Read more

Box of Bagel Bites Pizza Snacks

Carnation Breakfast Essentials “Classic French Vanilla” Multi-State Class Action

Consumers these days prefer foods and drinks with natural flavors over those with artificial flavors. The complaint for this class action alleges that Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition, Inc. takes advantage of this. Specifically, the complaint says it makes misleading representations about the flavors in its Classic French Vanilla Carnation Breakfast Essentials high-protein drink.  Read more

Bottle of "Classic French Vanilla" Carnation Breakfast Essentials

Celsius Sparkling Orange Does Not Contain Orange Class Action

If a product is labeled as “orange,” should the product contain real orange or flavor from real oranges? If not, how should that drink be presented to consumers? Celsius Holdings, Inc. makes a line of “healthy energy” drinks, one of which is labeled as “Sparkling Orange.” The complaint for this class action alleges that the  Read more

Celsius Sparkling Orange Drink

Yumions “Onion Snacks” Real Onion Content Multi-State Class Action

Yumions are “crunchy onion snacks,” says the front of the bag, under 7-Eleven, Inc.’s 7-Select brand. But are they truly made from onions? The complaint for this class action alleges that the “onion” representations for the snack food are “false, deceptive, and misleading[.]” Why? Because it gives reasonable consumers [the impression] that the Product contains  Read more

Bag of Yumions