Zignature “Grain-Free” and “Chicken Free” Pet Food Settlement

Pets Global, Inc. is settling a class action against it about the labeling of its Zignature pet foods. The pet foods at issue were labeled as being “Grain Free” or “Chicken Free,” but the complaint alleges that third-party testing determined that the products contained grain and chicken.  Read more

Zignature Dry Dog Foods Venison Formula

Paparazzi Jewelry Not “Lead-Free and Nickel-Free” Class Action

Paparazzi, LLC is a multi-level marketing business that offers jewelry and accessories. It sells bulk amounts of the products to its consultants, who in turn sell to consumers. The complaint for this class action claims that Paparazzi originally marketed the jewelry as being “lead-free and nickel-free,” but that the items contained “detectable levels of lead  Read more

Paparazzi Name and Logo

Ghost Greens Superfood Contains D-L Malic Acid Class Action

Consumers these days prefer “clean label” foods—those that are all natural, with no artificial ingredients and no preservatives—and are willing to pay higher prices for them. At issue in this case is a supplement made by Ghost, LLC, which does business as Ghost Lifestyle. The Ghost Greens Superfood supplement claims to be “Naturally Flavored,” but  Read more

Ghost Greens Superfood, Lemonade Iced Tea Flavor

Cava Grain and Salad Bowls’ Packaging Contains PFAS Class Action

Consumers are concerned about harmful chemicals in food and want to choose food products that are safe and healthy. Cava Group, Inc. offers grain and salad bowls, which the complaint alleges are “unfit for human consumption” because they are sold in packaging that appears to contain per- and polyfluoralkyl substances, or PFAS.  Read more

Cava Bowl

Nectar Petit Fruit Punch Nectar “No Preservatives” Claim Class Action

Nectar Petit brand fruit punch, made by Beliv, LLC, has a small seal with a green leaf image at the bottom of its carton that promises, “No Preservatives.” Preservatives are added to stop decay, discoloration, or spoilage. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the nectar does contain preservatives because it contains citric  Read more

Nectar Petit Fruit Punch

La Terra Fina Dips Contain Artificial Preservative Missouri Class Action

La Terra Fina USA, LLC makes a line of dips and spreads. On the labels are the words, “No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives.” But the complaint alleges that certain of these dips and spreads do in fact contain an artificial preservative—citric acid.  Read more

La Terra Fina Artichoke & Jalapeño Dip & Spread

Burt’s Bees Lip Products PFAS Content Class Action

Burt’s Bees, Inc., a defendant in this class action (along with the Clorox Company and the Burt’s Bees Products Company), appears to offer “natural” products, including the lip products that are at issue in this case. But the complaint alleges that the lip products in fact contain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, substances that  Read more

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer Products

Cover Girl Waterproof Mascara PFAS Content Class Action

This class action concerns waterproof mascaras from Cover Girl Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Coty, Inc., one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. The complaint alleges that the waterproof mascara contained per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which the complaint alleges “can have adverse effects on humans and can bioaccumulate” in human bodies. The complaint  Read more

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara

Two Burt’s Bees “100% Natural” Cosmetics Contain PFAS Class Action

Consumers these days prefer cosmetics that do not contain dangerous or even artificial ingredients, and therefore often seek out products that purport to be “natural.” The complaint for this class action takes issue with certain products from Burt’s Bees, Inc. and its parent company, the Clorox Company, alleging that they deceptively market certain products as  Read more

Burt’s Bees Volumizing Mascara

Nissin Noodle Products “No Added MSG” Claims Class Action

The use of free glutamates, such as MSG, is controversial. Some consumers will not eat any food that contains them. Nissin Foods (USA) Co., Inc. makes a number of noodle products, including Cup Noodles, Top Ramen, Hot & Spicy, and Chow Mein that are marked with the claim, “No Added MSG.” But the complaint alleges  Read more

Nissan Cup Noodles