Turkey Direct Purchaser Antitrust Case Partial Settlement

A number of Tyson companies are settling a class action brought by direct purchasers of turkey products against producers of those products. The settling companies include Tyson Foods, Inc., Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc., Tyson Prepared Foods, Inc. and the Hillshire Brands Companies. The complaint alleges that the companies broke antitrust laws by conspiring to fix,  Read more

Flock of Turkeys

Broiler Chickens Consumer Antitrust Litigation Settlement

Additional defendants have agreed to settle their portions of a very large antitrust case against chicken processors in the US. The complaint, brought by end users of chicken products, claims that the processors conspired to fix the price and supply of chicken between January 1, 2009 through July 31, 2019 (for Pilgrim’s, between January 1,  Read more

Package of Tyson Chicken

Bosch Anti-Competitive Actions on Electronic Braking Systems Class Action

The plaintiffs in this antitrust class action are a group of auto dealerships bringing suit against Robert Bosch GmbH and Robert Bosch, LLC. The complaint alleges that the companies engaged in a conspiracy to raise or fix prices and allocate the market and customers for electronic braking systems in the US. The complaint refers to  Read more

Robert Bosch Headquarters in Germany

Jeld-Wen, Masonite Interior Molded Doors Direct Purchaser Settlement

Jeld-Wen, Inc. and Masonite Corporation are together paying more than $61 million to settle an antitrust class action claiming they conspired to fix or raise prices of interior molded doors (IMDs) for direct purchasers in the US. The complaint alleged that they companies’ actions violated antitrust laws. A previous settlement was aimed at indirect purchasers,  Read more

Jeld-Wen IMD

JBS Pork Indirect Purchaser Antitrust Settlement

This is a partial settlement of an antitrust class action claiming that companies conspired in restraint of trade to raise or fix the price of pork as of January 1, 2009. The complaint alleged that the defendants intended for pork prices to go up, in violation of federal and state antitrust and consumer protection laws.  Read more

Pork Roast

Crop Inputs Antitrust and RICO Class Action

Crop inputs include seeds and the chemicals that protect them, such as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. This class action brings suit against four manufacturers, three wholesalers, and a number of retailers alleging violations of antitrust laws and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. The defendants include companies like Bayer CropScience Incorporated, Syngenta Corporation,  Read more

Growing Sweet Corn

Peanut Farmers Antitrust Litigation Settlement

This settlement resolves a portion of a combined antitrust litigation alleging that peanut shellers conspired to pay peanut farmers depressed prices for their raw runner peanuts in order to keep prices low. Shellers buy from farmers, then process the peanuts and sell them onward to makers of products like candy and peanut butter. Previously, defendants  Read more

Runner Peanuts

DRAM Manufacturers Collude to Raise Prices Antitrust Class Action

This class action concerns allegations of an antitrust conspiracy between makers of DRAM. DRAM—dynamic random access memory—is a form of semiconductor memory. It is used in personal computers, network servers, cell phones, tablets, televisions, cameras, and in industrial applications. The complaint alleges that companies in the Micron, Samsung, and SK Hynix families entered into a  Read more


Broiler Chicken Antitrust Litigation Settlement

Two additional settlements have been achieved in a lawsuit of consolidated antitrust actions on behalf of direct purchasers of broiler chickens alleging restraint of trade. The complaints alleged that a group of companies conspired to suppress competition and fix or raise the price of broiler chickens, allowing them to charge high prices for broiler chickens  Read more

Supermarket Packages of Chicken

Power Window Switches Direct Purchasers Litigation

Nidec Mobility Corporation, formerly known as Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (NMOJ), Toyo Denso Co., Ltd., and Weastec, Inc. are settling a portion of a very large automotive parts antitrust litigation for power window switches, which raise or lower vehicle windows. The complaint alleged that NMOJ and other makers of the switches conspired to raise  Read more

Disassembled Car with Parts Arranged All Around