Plaid Bank Account Privacy Settlement

Plaid, Inc. allows users to connect to their banks through mobile and web-based apps. It is now paying $58 million to settle class actions alleging that when it did so, it took more information than it needed and kept login information. The complaints alleged that its user interface, Plaid Link, looked like the user’s own  Read more

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Kochava SDK Collects Personal Data on Children Class Action

Should companies be allowed to collect the data of children playing apps on mobile devices? The complaint alleges that Kochava, Inc. has proprietary code that does just that, “monitoring their online behavior[] and profiling them for commercial gain.” The class action is brought by a group of parents, under the law of Intrusion Upon Seclusion,  Read more

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PF Chang’s Restaurants Info Collection Settlement

PF Chang’s restaurants are settling a California class action for a million dollars. The complaint alleged that the restaurants used a credit card transaction form with preprinted spaces for customers to fill in telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, inviolation of the Song-Beverly Credit Card Act.  Read more

Walmart Camera Recordings of Customers at Self-Checkout Stands California Class Action

Is an image of your face personally identifying information (PII)? The complaint for this class action believes so. It alleges that Walmart, Inc. violates California’s Song-Beverly Credit Card Act by using a video camera to record customers’ facial images during their credit card transactions at self-checkout stands.  Read more

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California Pizza Huts Recording Personal Information Privacy Settlement

Pizza Hut franchisee Summit Pizza West has agreed to settle a lawsuit claiming that the company violated California’s Song-Beverly Act by collecting and recording personal information, such as telephone numbers, from customers of its San Diego stores who got carry-out pizzas and paid for them with credit cards.  Read more