Dove Bars “Milk Chocolate” Coating Vegetable Oil Content New York Class Action

Mars Wrigley Confectionary US, LLC makes the well-known Dove ice cream bars—but this class action takes issue with the company’s marketing of this treat. The complaint claims that the portrayal of outer layer as “milk chocolate” is deceptive and misleading because the coating contains vegetable oil—an “ingredient[] consumers do not expect in chocolate[.]”  Read more

Box of Dove Bars with Milk Chocolate Coating

Kirkland Signature Ice Cream Bars with “Chocolate” Coating New York Class Action

When is chocolate not chocolate? According to the complaint for this class action, a substance is not chocolate if it does not meet the standards of identity provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations. At issue in this case are Kirkland Signature ice cream bars,  Read more

Box of Kirkland Ice Cream Bars