United Airlines Promises to Retirees About Early-Out Programs Class Action

During business downturns, some companies have offered employees special arrangements for early retirements. This class action brings suit against United Airlines, Inc. in regard to its Voluntary Separation Leave (VSL) Program. The complaint alleges that the company gave employees certain assurances about early retirements and then did not keep its promises. It claims that United  Read more

United Plane in Flight

Kinder Morgan Reduction of Retirement Benefits ERISA Class Action

The first paragraph of the complaint calls this class action “a case study in what can happen to the retirement benefits of employees after a series of corporate acquisitions and divestitures.” It brings suit against Kinder Morgan, Inc., the Kinder Morgan Retirement Plan A, and two individuals, the plan’s claims administrator and a member of  Read more

Large Kinder Morgan Sign Outside of Building

Xerox Changes in Health Benefits for Retirees Class Action

Benefits for retired persons are crucially important; elderly people can no longer simply get another job or earn more money to pay for price increases. The complaint for this class action alleges that Xerox Corporation and its Plan Administrator Committee reneged on promises about its medical and dental plans for retired employees. Xerox at one  Read more

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