Nutricost EAA, Pre-Workout Powders Calories and Flavoring Class Action

This class action brings suit against eSupplements, LLC, which does business as Nutricost, for two of its products: its EAA powder and its Pre-Workout powder. The complaint alleges that the products are deceptively labeled because (1) they do not accurately report the number of calories each serving contains, and (2) they claim to be naturally  Read more

Container of Nutricost EAA Powder

Evlution BCAA Energy Powder Misrepresentation of Calories Class Action

Evlution Nutrition, LLC makes various kinds of powders and supplements aimed at athletes and bodybuilders. This class action centers on the advertising for its branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) powders labeled “BCAA Energy” which claims or implies that the products have zero calories. The complaint alleges that the product actually contains 35 calories per serving and  Read more

Evlution BCAA Energy Powder

AriZona “Zero Calorie” Arnold Palmer Beverage Class Action

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require a zero-calorie product to have zero calories; according to the complaint for this class action, it only requires that it have no more than five calories. The complaint alleges that AriZona Arnold Palmer drink had more than five calories, even though at one time it was  Read more

Can of Arizona Zero Calories Arnold Palmer Drink