GE Ovens with Shattering Soda Lime Glass Florida Class Action

This Florida class action concerns ranges and wall ovens with glass front doors that can crack, break, or shatter during normal use. The appliances at issue are made by Haier US Appliance Solutions, which does business as GE Appliances. The complaint alleges that the ranges and ovens have door panels made with soda lime glass  Read more

Shattered Glass

Samsung Galaxy S20 Phone Shattering Glass Class Action

One of the most prominent features of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra, and S20 FE phones is the camera, which offers multiple lenses. This class action brings suit against Samsung Electronics America, Inc., alleging that the camera module’s glass can shatter under normal use, rendering the camera unusable.  Read more

Shattered Glass on Samsung S20 Camera

Mercedes Panoramic Sunroofs Abrupt Shattering Class Action

In recent years, automobile manufacturers have been increasing the area of sunroofs. Consumers like them and are willing to pay more for these “panoramic” sunroofs, but some are not robust enough for the purpose. This class action brings suit against Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC and Daimler AG for using sunroofs that can shatter.  Read more

Mercedes Panoramic Sunroof

GE Soda Lime Glass Front Ovens Break from Heat Class Action

General Electric Company is an enormous makers of home appliances. This class action brings suit against the company and Haier US Appliance Solutions, Inc., which does business as GE Appliances, for defective glass ovens with glass front doors made of soda lime glass. The complaint alleges that the glass fronts can break or shatter under  Read more

GE Circle Logo

GE Microwaves with Shattering Glass Settlement

General Electric Company is settling a class action alleging that certain of its GE-brand microwaves have a defect that leads to the spontaneous shattering of the glass in their doors. The problem involves GE Profile or GE Monogram brand microwaves with certain serial numbers.  Read more

GE Monogram Microwave Oven