O’Reilly, Ozark, Omni 303 Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Missouri Class Action

Why are companies still selling what purports to be 303 tractor hydraulic fluid when it’s obsolete? And how is it possible for a tractor hydraulic fluid to even be obsolete? That’s what the complaint takes up in this Missouri class action against O’Reilly Automotive, Inc., Ozark Automotive Distributors, Inc., O’Reilly Automotive Stores, Inc. (doing business  Read more

Five-Gallon Container of O'Reilly Automotive 303 Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

Shikai, Borage Therapy Products “Natural” Claims Class Action

Consumers these days want products with natural ingredients, and they are willing to pay more for them. This has led some companies to make “natural” or “all natural” claims for products that aren’t really true. The complaint for this class action alleges that Trans-India Products Inc., which does business as Shikai Products, represents that its  Read more

Bottle of Borage Therapy Children's Lotion

Manhattan Cryobank Testing for Genetic Problems Class Action

What should a sperm bank know about the product it sells? The complaint for this class action alleges that Manhattan Cryobank, Inc. (MCB) sold semen to customers that had not been adequately screened for genetically-based diseases.  Read more

Male Hand Holding Container of Sperm

General Motors Silverado and Sierra Trucks with CP4 Fuel Pumps Class Action

This is one of several recent class actions brought against General Motors for the use of Bosch’s CP4 fuel pumps in diesel vehicles. The complaint alleges that the CP4 cannot work properly with American diesel fuel, which does not provide enough lubrication. The result is eventual failures requiring the replacement of the fuel system.  Read more

GM 2016 Silverado Truck

Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast Tiny Butter Content Class Action

The package for Pepperidge Farm’s Texas Toast shows two thick slices of toasted bread with a yellow spread and parsley flakes, a fresh garlic clove and parsley leaf, pats of butter, and the words, “Made with real Garlic[,] Butter & Parsley.” It looks mouth-wateringly delicious—assuming, of course, that the yellow spread is butter. Unfortunately, the  Read more

Package of Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast

Tootsie Roll Partially Hydrogenated Oil and Trans Fat California Class Action

Were Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops made until recently with an unhealthy substance, that is, partially hydrogenated oil (PHO)? The complaint for this class action says they were, despite a declaratory order from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).   Read more

Tootsie Rolls, Wrapped and Unwrapped

JPay Inmate Video Visitation Too-Short Sessions Class Action

If a family member or friend of yours was in prison in another state, you might be glad to hear that JPay, Inc. offered video conferencing visits, priced in thirty-minute increments. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the video conferences did not in fact last for the full thirty minutes.   Read more

Video Visits Taking Place at Terminals

Fiat Chrysler “Lifetime” Powertrain Warranty Voiding Class Action

In October 2007, Plaintiff Wendy Hightman bought a new Jeep Patriot, and was told it had a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. But the complaint for this class action alleges that in 2017, when she needed the warranty, she was told it had been cancelled because she had not had the vehicle inspected according to the narrow  Read more

2017 Jeep Patriot

Cricket CDMA Mobile Phone Settlement

Cricket Communications, LLC is settling a class action alleging that it sold phones that it knew would not be usable on its new network after it merged with AT&T. The complaint claimed the company had violated the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, state warranty law, the Maryland Consumer Protection Act, and other consumer protection laws, among other  Read more

Costa Del Mar Deceptive Lifetime Warranty on Sunglasses Class Action

Costa Del Mar, Inc. touts its sunglasses as being backed by its “rock solid Lifetime Warranty” against manufacturer’s defects. But the complaint for this class action claims that the company has violated the law, because it requires that customers pay to repair or replace the sunglasses.   Read more

Pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses (Black Frames with Orange Lenses)