Alaska USA Federal Credit Union Retry Fee Settlement

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is settling a class action alleging it charged members a Retry Fee when Automated Clearing House (ACH) and check transactions were resubmitted by a merchant after they had previously been rejected for insufficient funds. The complaint alleges that the second fee, for retrying the transaction, was not permitted by Alaska’s  Read more

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E-ZPass System Overcharges for Motorcycles Class Action

The E-ZPass system is an electronic tolling collection system that allows drivers to put a small transponder on their windscreens and pay tolls electronically as they pass through toll points. The problem alleged by this class action is that motorcycles that use the E-ZPass system may be charged as a different class of vehicle. They  Read more

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Bob’s and Guardian Goof Proof Protection Agreements Illinois Class Action

What constitutes “accidental” damage to a product? This class action concerns sales of “service contracts” to customers by Bob’s Discount Furniture, LLC, to protect the furniture they buy, which are issued by Guardian Protection Products, Inc. The complaint alleges that the service contracts are actually insurance and that Guardian does not fulfill its obligations. The  Read more

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Refunds for FedEx Deliveries Not Made on Time Class Action

Federal Express Corporation, also known as FedEx, offers express package delivery services. FedEx charges according to the speed of delivery. The complaint for this class action alleges that FedEx often does not deliver packages at the promised speed, yet it does not refund any of the customer’s money so that the price paid matches a  Read more

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QuickBooks “No Extra Fees” Charged for One-Day Transfers Class Action

QuickBooks is a software product of Intuit, Inc. In March 2020, it announced a change to its ACH payment processing. The company’s announcement said that processing would now be done in one day with no extra fees; however, according to the complaint for this class action, the company actually is charging fees.  Read more

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Charles Schwab Earnings from Intelligent Portfolios Program Class Action

Digital programs are increasingly used to automate everything. This class action brings suit against Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. over its digitized investment-advice “robo-advisor” program Schwab Intelligent Portfolios (SIP program). The complaint alleges that, while the SIP program advertises itself as being lower-cost than other programs in certain ways, it involves “self-dealing” by the company  Read more

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Amazon Withholding of Funds from Sellers with Paid Reviews Class Action

This class action is brought by a group of Chinese companies against four Amazon companies (Amazon.com, Inc., Amazon.com Services, LLC, Amazon Payments, Inc., and Amazon Capital Services, Inc.). The group alleges that Amazon owes them billions of dollars in merchant payments. At its core is an Amazon zero-tolerance policy against “incentivized” or paid reviews.  Read more

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Amalgamated Multiple NSF Fees on a Single Item Class Action

Banks write agreements that govern the terms of their relationship with customers. The complaint says, “All the bank has to do is honor the contract it wrote and comply with the terms it dictated.” This class action brings suit against Amalgamated Financial Corp., which does business as Amalgamated Bank. The complaint alleges that it violates  Read more

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USAlliance No Refund of Unearned GAP Waiver Fees Class Action

When auto loans are paid off or otherwise terminated early, borrowers are supposed to be refunded for certain benefits that they will not be using. One such benefit concerns Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Waiver Addendums. The complaint alleges that USAlliance Federal Credit Union, which does business as USAlliance Financial, does not refund these unearned fees,  Read more

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Wells Fargo Put Homeowners into Forbearance Without Their Knowledge Class Action

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the CARES Act asked mortgage companies and servicers to offer forbearance programs for federally-backed mortgages. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Wells Fargo Bank, NA abused this provision by putting homeowners into the forbearance program when they had not requested it. The complaint alleges that this was particularly  Read more

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