Paylocity Account Executive Lowered Commissions Class Action

Paylocity Corporation maintains more than 500 account executives to sell its services around the country, the complaint for this class action says. These account executives are paid commissions on the sales they make for the company. For its Fiscal Year 2021, the complaint alleges that account executives were paid lower commissions than they expected, and  Read more

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Southwest Airlines No Refunds of TSA Fees for Cancellations Class Action

Southwest Airlines Co. collects from passengers who make reservations a September 11 security fee, or TSA fee, that is to go to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to pay for security at places such as airports. According to the complaint for this class action, if passengers then cancel their travel, Southwest is supposed refund to  Read more

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Facebook Meta Pixel Collection of HIPAA-Protected Data Class Action

Meta Platforms, Inc., formerly known as Facebook, Inc., offers something called the Meta Pixel that allows the company to track Facebook users when they are in places on the Internet other than the Facebook platform and gather information about them. The complaint alleges that as a part of this tracking, it is engaging in unlawful  Read more

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Tori Belle Cosmetics Charges Affiliates Endless Monthly Fees Class Action

Tori Belle Cosmetics, LLC conducts its business as a multi-level marketing company by recruiting independent salespeople to sell its product. The salespeople, called Affiliates, must sign an agreement which, among other things, specifies that they pay an “access fee” each month. This access fee is supposed to be discontinued under certain conditions, but the complaint  Read more

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Twitter Use of Private Info and Violation of Consent Order Class Action

Twitter, Inc. operates a popular online communication service that has some 330 million monthly users around the world. The complaint for this class action alleges, however, that Twitter makes a “surreptitious and undisclosed” use of Twitter users’ private information, for advertising and marketing, and eventually, for its own profit. The complaint also alleges that in  Read more

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Citigroup Fails at Best Execution of Orders Class Action

Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. acts as a broker for other companies, buying and selling securities in the markets. The complaint for this class action alleges that Citigroup did not follow instructions from one of its clients to achieve best execution of two large orders without unduly affecting prices. The complaint claims that Citigroup’s ignoring of  Read more

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Direct Energy Unclear Variable Rate Policies New Jersey Class Action

Electricity and gas services have undergone deregulation in many markets in the past decades. Although some companies have been able to offer lower prices than the utilities serving the same market, many end up charging consumers substantially more. This class action brings suit against Direct Energy Services, LLC and NRG Energy, Inc., alleging they did  Read more

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Suddenlink Reduced Maintenance, Poor Service Oklahoma Class Action

This class action takes issue with the service provided by Suddenlink Communications, under the control of Altice USA. The class is Suddenlink customers in Oklahoma, although much of the material presented by the complaint refers to Suddenlink performance in West Virginia. The complaint alleges that Altice has reduced its maintenance work, maintenance budget, and number  Read more

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Team Health Emergency Doctors RVU Settlement

Team Health, LLC (formers Team Health, Inc.) and Paragon Contracting Services, LLC are spending $15 million to resolve a class action about whether they properly compensated emergency medicine doctors for Supervisory Relative Value Units (RVUs) according to their independent contractor or employment agreements, between 2014 and the time when Variable RVU Compensation Plans were put  Read more

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Cox Industries, Arch Chemicals Defective Wood in Docks South Carolina Class Action

The subject of this class action are waterfront docks, allegedly built with wood from Cox Industries, Inc. (now known as Koppers Utility and Industrial Products, Inc.) allegedly treated with chemicals and wood treatment products from Arch Chemicals, Inc. The complaint claims that the docks are now rotting or otherwise deteriorating because of the defective quality  Read more

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