Northstar End of THE Program for Student Loan Repayment Class Action

It’s great that a student loan company would offer a program to its borrowers with advantages if they pay on time. But can the company then terminate the arrangement at will? The complaint for this class action claims that the program offered by Northstar Education Finance, which does business as Total Higher Education (THE), is  Read more

Hands Tossing Caps into Air at Graduation

Amica Mutual Insurance Co. Premium Increases Class Action

This class action addresses rises in insurance rebuilding cost evaluations on homeowners’ policies issued by Amica Mutual Insurance Company. The complaint alleges that the coverage under an additional endorsement on Amica policies was adjusted too upwards when the policy was renewed, which the complaint claims is a breach of contract as well as a breach  Read more

Amica Mutual Insurance Company Sign Amid Greenery

FCA US Requirements for “Lifetime” Powertrain Warranty Class Action

Two issues are argued in this class action against FCA US, LLC and Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. One is a breach of warranty claim for a “manifold bolt issue.” The other concerns the requirements to maintain a “lifetime” warranty, which the complaint alleges are concealed from customers so they allow the warranty to become  Read more

FCA Dodge Ram Truck

Canteen Vending Machines Extra Charge for Card Use California Class Action

Vending machines now accept credit, debit, or prepaid cards as payment. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that some of them, including the machines of Compass Group USA, Inc. in California, charge extra for the use of cards but do not warn potential customers of this.   Read more

Two Canteen Vending Services Machines

Lowe’s Separation Agreements and Reduced Severance Pay Class Action

When Lowe’s Home Centers, LLC undertook large layoffs in early 2019, it offered something called “Notice of Separation and Offer of Special Separation Benefit for Certain Employees of Lowes.” These Release and Separation Agreements offered terminated employees a sum of money for their termination. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that Lowe’s then  Read more

Front of Lowe's Store

Uber Deductions from Driver Pay New York City Class Action

The claims raised in this class action, the complaint says, “seek to provide redress to more than 96,000 New York City Uber Drivers … for breaches of contract affecting every member of the largest private sector workforce in New York City…” The class action concerns, first, deductions from Uber driver pay, purportedly for sales taxes  Read more

Finger Pressing Uber Icon on Cell Phone Screen

Spirit Airlines Offer of Nonexistent “Shortcut Security” Class Action

Spirit Airlines has become the butt of late-night comics’ jokes, but this class action makes a truly head-scratching allegation. It claims that Spirit sells passes that purportedly allow customers to skip normal airport security procedures. As the complaint notes, Spirit “has no intent or ability to provide such a service…”  Read more

Spirit Airlines Plane in Flight

Kansas City Life Insurance Extra Charges Drain Cash Value Class Action

Life insurance policies often have a “cash value” feature. Each month, the insurance company is able to deduct certain costs from the cash value—but only those costs permitted by the policy agreement. The complaint for this class action alleges that Kansas City Life Insurance Company deducts more than it is entitled to from the cash  Read more

Kansas City Life Insurance Company Building

Digital Federal Credit Union Overdraft Fee Settlement

Digital Federal Credit Union is settling a class action alleging that it charged customers overdraft fees when it should not have. The complaint alleged that customers were charged when they had enough in their ledger balances, but not in their available balances. It also claimed that Digital did not properly opt customers in to its  Read more

Hy-Vee Gas Pumps, Restaurants, Drive Thrus Data Breach Class Action

Hy-Vee offers gas stations, restaurants, and what the complaint describes as “drive-through coffee shops.” Unfortunately, the company experienced a data breach this year, and the complaint for this class action alleges that the company failed to implement adequate security measures to protect customer information.   Read more

Hy-Vee Gas Station