WaterWipes “100% Biodegradable” Claims New York Class Action

WaterWipes (USA), Inc. makes baby and adult wipes that it advertises as being “100% Biodegradable Wipes.” But the complaint for this class action alleges that this claim is false, because the non-flushable wipes are usually disposed of in landfills or incinerators, which do not have the conditions to allow these wipes to degrade within a  Read more

WaterWipes Baby Wipes

Transitions2earth “Biodegradable” EcoPure Eating Utensils Class Action

RTG Custom Supply, LLC, which does business as Transitions2earth (or T2E) makes polyethylene eating utensils that it advertises as “biodegradable.” The complaint alleges that the cutlery should not be advertised with this promise because it is generally disposed of in landfills and, under those conditions, it will not completely decompose within one year.  Read more

Transitions2earth Cutlery Set