Honda Accords and CR-Vs Parasitic Battery Draining Class Action

Certain Honda CR-V and Honda Accord vehicles suffer from “parasitic draining,” the complaint for this class action alleges, compromising the vehicles’ safety. What is parasitic draining? The complaint says it “occurs when electrical components in a vehicle fail to shut down once the vehicle is parked and turned off, which in turn allows the components  Read more

2019 Honda Accord

Honda CR-V and Accord Parasitic Drain Defect Class Action

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. makes many popular models of cars. But the complaint for this class action alleges that certain Honda CR-Vs and Accords have a problem the complaint calls the parasitic drain defect that permits electrical components to stay on when the vehicle is shut off and to keep on draining its battery.  Read more

2017 Honda CR-V

BMW Plug-In Hybrid Batteries May Cause Fires California Class Action

Recently, a number of class actions have been filed against the makers of electric cars, alleging problems with the batteries. This class action brings suit against BMW of North America, LLC, with the complaint alleging that the BMW X3 plug-in hybrid has a dangerous battery defect for which the company has no remedy.  Read more

2021 BMW X3

BMW 2020-2021 Vehicles Battery Systems Defect Class Action

The complaint alleges that BMW of North America, LLC has breached warranties with customers in selling model year 2020-2021 vehicles with a known defect in their batteries. The complaint alleges that BMW has known about the defect, but keeps selling the autos, and that it has made no recall and has no fix for the  Read more

2021 BMW X5