Auto Parts Antitrust Litigation, Round 5 Settlement

This is the fifth and final settlement in a very large antitrust litigation alleging that companies conspired to raise the price of automotive parts, causing consumers to pay more than they should have. This time, the parts include electronic braking systems, hydraulic braking systems, and exhaust systems, made by three company groups: Bosal (Bosal USA,  Read more

Disassembled Car Surrounded by Parts

Porsche Financial Services Leases Overcharge Settlement

Porsche Financial Services, Inc. is settling a class action alleging it accepted standard-form motor vehicle lease agreements in Florida that overcharged lessees for rent and taxis on their single-payment leases. The complaint alleged the agreements did not use the lessee’s trade-in value as a Capitalized Cost Reduction (similar to a down payment) to reduce the  Read more

2019 Porsche Vehicle on Beach Road

Toyota Supra Sports Coupe Long Waits for Repairs Maryland Class Action

This class action bring suit against Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. over the Supra sports coupe. The Supra’s chassis, transmission, and engine are currently made by BMW. The complaint for this class action alleges that when customers bring Supras for recalls or other repairs, they must wait for excessive periods of time, sometimes more than  Read more

Toyora Supra Sports Coupe

FCA Inflated “Destination Charge” on Purchases and Leases Class Action

When a customer buys or leases a new vehicle, they may be charged a Destination Charge or a fee for the delivery of the vehicle to the dealership. But the complaint for this class action alleges that FCA US, LLC and Stellantis NV are overcharging customers, adding an inflated Destination Charge to every vehicle sold  Read more

2019 Jeep Cherokee

Auto Parts DIRECT Purchaser Antitrust Litigation Settlement

This is at least the fourth round of settlements in a long-running consolidated class action with a large number of defendants. The complaints alleged that makers of auto parts conspired to fix or manipulate the prices of parts purchased directly from them. Below are the names of companies who have arrived at preliminary settlements at  Read more

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