New Vehicles Wire Harness Price-Fixing Settlement

A number of defendants have agreed to settle class actions alleging they broke antitrust laws by conspiring to fix or raise the cost of wire harnesses for new vehicles in Canada. Wire harnesses are electrical distribution systems that direct and control electronic components, wiring, and circuit boards in vehicles.  Read more

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Ford Cheating Alleged on Ranger and F-150 Fuel Economy Tests Class Action

A number of cases have been filed recently against Ford Motor Company triggered by its admission in its official filings that it may have reported incorrect fuel economy figures for one or more of its vehicles. This class action makes the same allegations, but with more details about the process Ford allegedly used to manipulate  Read more

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Auto Parts DIRECT Purchaser Antitrust Litigation Settlement

This is at least the fourth round of settlements in a long-running consolidated class action with a large number of defendants. The complaints alleged that makers of auto parts conspired to fix or manipulate the prices of parts purchased directly from them. Below are the names of companies who have arrived at preliminary settlements at  Read more

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