Louisiana Nursing Home Residents Sent to Warehouse for Hurricane Class Action

Because of Hurricane Ida, this class action alleges, more than 800 nursing home residents were moved to a warehouse known as the Waterbury Building in Independence, Louisiana. The complaint alleges that the building was not equipped to handle them and claims violation of the Louisiana Nursing Home Resident Bill of Rights Act (NHRBRA).  Read more

Nursing Home Residents in Warehouse Facility

Sunrise Senior Living Inadequate Staffing for Proper Care California Class Action

People trust assisted living facilities to provide all the care needed for their older relatives—certainly all the care they pay for. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Sunrise Senior Living, LLC simply does not employ enough staff members to adequately care for its residents.  Read more

Sunrise Senior Living Facility

Oakmont Senior Living Understaffed Assisted Living Facilities Class Action

Oakmont Senior Living’s admissions contracts claim that residents will receive the care that they individually require, that facility staff will determine what care is needed, and that the amount of care will determine the care fees paid each month. The catch, the complaint for this class action alleges, is that staff are not hired on  Read more