Fuel Injection Direct Purchaser Auto Parts Antitrust Litigation Settlement

Settlements have been reached with another group of defendants in a large combined antitrust class action alleging that makers of automotive parts conspired to fix or raise prices, rig bids, or allocate the supply of such parts, in violation of antitrust laws. In this case, the settlement involves direct purchases of fuel injection systems and  Read more

Disassembled Car with Parts Laid Out Around It

Aerospace Companies’ No-Poach Agreements Suppressed Pay Antitrust Class Action

This is one of a number of recent antitrust class actions against Raytheon Corporation, its Pratt & Whitney division (P&W), and their outsourcing suppliers, alleging the companies conspired not to hire each other’s skilled aerospace employees. The complaint alleges that such no-poach agreements repress competition, hold down wages, and are illegal under antitrust laws. The  Read more

Raytheon Sign and Missiles

Top Universities Conspiracy to Reduce Financial Aid Antitrust Class Action

This antitrust class action is aimed at an unusual target: sixteen elite universities, including Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Georgetown, and Yale, which the complaint calls “gatekeepers to the American Dream.” It alleges that the schools “have participated in a price-fixing cartel” that “has artificially inflated the net price of attendance for students receiving financial aid.”  Read more

Yale University Campus

HIV Antiretrolviral Medication Antitrust Settlement

A partial settlement has been reached in an antitrust class action alleging that certain drug companies violated antitrust and consumer protection laws in certain states by engaging in anticompetitive conduct. The complaint alleged that the anticompetitive conduct caused consumers and third-party payors to pay too much for the HIV medicines Atripla, Biktarvy, Complera, Descovy, Evotazz,  Read more

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Pratt & Whitney and Outsourcers No-Poach Agreements Antitrust Class Action

This antitrust class action alleges that a major aerospace company and a number of its outsourcing companies “conspired to restrain competition and reduce compensation for engineers and other skilled workers.” The companies did this, the complaint claims, through no-poach agreements, in which they agreed not to hire each other’s skilled employees.  Read more

A Pratt & Whitney Facility Interior

Pratt & Whitney and Suppliers No-Poach Agreements Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this class action puts its allegations in one compact sentence: “Beginning in 2011 and continuing until at least 2019, six outsourcing firms and a powerful defense contractor entered into an illegal agreement (the ‘No Poach Agreement’) not to hire one another’s aerospace engineers and other skilled workers…” The defense contractor is Raytheon  Read more

Raytheon Name on Side of Building

Broiler Chicken Grower Antitrust Settlement

A partial settlement of $35,750,000has been reached in an antitrust class action. A group of Tyson companies (Tyson Foods, Inc., Tyson Chicken, Inc., Tyson Breeders, Inc., and Tyson Poultry) is paying $21,000,000 and Perdue Foods, LLC is paying $14,750,000 toward the total. The complaint alleges that these and other chicken integrators conspired to reduce the  Read more

Broiler Chickens

Aerospace, Outsourcing Companies No-Poach Agreements Class Action

In the past, certain fast-food franchising companies have been charged with anticompetitive behavior when they have formed agreements not to hire each other’s employees. In this class action, the no-poach accusations are aimed at aerospace and outsource engineering supply companies. The complaint for this class action alleges these companies suppressed competition and therefore held down  Read more

A Pratt & Whitney Facility Interior

ATM Cash Withdrawal Surcharge Settlement

This is a $67 million partial settlement by defendants JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Co., Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, NA, and Bank of America Corporation. These companies have agreed to settlements in a larger class action alleging that a number of banks and other entities violated federal antitrust laws by imposing  Read more

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Denso Wire Harness Direct Purchaser Additional Settlement

This partial settlement bring suit against a group of Denso companies for antitrust actions with respect to direct purchases of wire harnesses. The Denso companies include Denso Corporation, Denso International America, Inc., Denso Korea Corporation, Denso Automotive Deutschland GmbH, Denso Products & Services Americas, Inc., ASMO Co., Ltd., ASMO North America, LLC, ASMO Greenville of  Read more

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