Harley-Davidson Tying Arrangement for Parts Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Harley-Davidson Motor Company Group, LLC has been tying its motorcycles to the purchase of its own parts for repairs and modifications. In fact, it claims that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ordered Harley to stop this anticompetitive conduct in June 2022. However, since the FTC does not  Read more

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Corteva, Syngenta Block Generics with “Loyalty Programs” Class Action

This antitrust class action alleges that a “loyalty program” has had anticompetitive effects in the market for crops protection products (CPPs), including herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. The complaint names as manufacturer defendants Corteva, Inc., Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Syngenta Corp., and Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC; as co-conspirator defendatns CHS, Inc. and Nutrien Ag Solutions; and  Read more

Corn and Syngenta Name /Logo

Idexx Veterinary Diagnostic Testing Products Antitrust Class Action

Idexx Laboratories, Inc. and Idexx Distribution, Inc. make components for veterinary point-of-care (POC) diagnostic laboratory tests, including analyzers, consumables, and single-use rapid tests, all of which allow animals to be tested and treated immediately, in a single vet visit. The complaint for this antitrust class action alleges that Idexx has violated antitrust laws maintain its  Read more

Dog with Veterinarian

RealPage Price-Fixing for Rentals Antitrust Class Action

This class action involves the fixing or raising of rental prices, via violations of antitrust laws, through the use of a platform called AI Revenue Management (formerly known as YieldStar). The complaint alleges that RealPage, the developer of the platform, has conspired with a long list of managers of large-scale residential apartment buildings, such as  Read more

RealPage Building and Parking Lot

RealPage Anticompetitive Cartel Pushes Rents Higher Class Action

This class action alleges that certain lessors who rent out multifamily real estate properties have formed a cartel to take anticompetitive actions in the real estate markets in various locations. The complaint alleges that, with the help of a software platform from RealPage, Inc., a long list of major real estate companies like the Irvine  Read more

RealPage Building and Parking Lot

Red Meat Processors Conspiracy to Suppress Workers’ Pay Class Action

Conspiring to hold down wages is illegal, and this antitrust class action alleges that certain red meat processors have been doing exactly that. The defendants include well-known companies like JBS USA Food Company, Tyson Foods, Inc., and Hormel Foods Corp., which together produce around eighty percent of the beef and pork sold to consumers in  Read more

Red Meat Processing

Seattle Apartments Price-Fixing Antitrust Class Action

Rents in specific areas of the Seattle, Washington downtown multifamily submarket have been steadily increasing. This antitrust class action alleges that a cartel exists, based on a platform and algorithm from RealPage, Inc., in which the members have agreed to exchange competitive information and raise prices together. The markets involved are the central neighborhoods of  Read more

RealPage Building and Parking Lot

Syngenta, Corteva “Loyalty Programs” Restrict Competition Class Action

This antitrust class action bring suit against Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Syngenta Corporation, Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC, and Corteva, Inc., alleging that they have instituted “loyalty programs” for distributors of their pesticides containing certain ingredients. The complaint alleges that the real purpose and effect of these loyalty programs is to restrict the sale of competing  Read more

Growing Corn and Syngenta Name

Syngenta, Corteva Anticompetitive “Loyalty Programs” Class Action

The pesticide industry is similar to the pharmaceutical industry in a number of ways, says the complaint for this class action: Both rely on patent protections, both have safety requirements, and in both, generics enter the market after patents have expired. But the complaint brings suit against pesticide companies Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Syngenta Corporation,  Read more

Syngenta Name Over Field of Crops

Dairy Farmers of America Milk Monopsony Class Action

Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (DFA) is a nonprofit organization that supposedly benefits its members, the dairy farmers who produce raw Grade A milk in the northeast. But the complaint for this class action argues that it is instead a monopsony that works toward its own benefit and leaves its members operating on very thin  Read more

DFA Processing Facility