T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this antitrust class action alleges, “This lawsuit challenges one of the most anti-competitive acquisitions in history”— the merger of T-Mobile US, Inc. and Sprint Corporation. According to the complaint, T-Mobile has arbitration clauses that shield it from lawsuits from its own customers. This class action is brought by two AT&T customers who  Read more

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Fanatics and Major League Baseball Antitrust Conspiracy Class Action

This antitrust class action, about the licensed merchandise of major league baseball teams, echoes another about the licensed merchandise of NFL football teams. The defendants here are the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball (or Major League Baseball) (MLB), Major League Baseball Properties, Inc., the major league teams, and Fanatics, Inc. It contends that they  Read more

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NFL and Fanatics Licensed Merchandise Antitrust Class Action

National Football League Properties, LLC (NFLP) can bestow valuable licenses on companies that want to sell football-fan merchandise. This class action brings suit against NFLP, the National Football League (NFL), a long list of NFL teams, and one merchandizer, Fanatics, Inc., alleging they have violated antitrust laws in limiting the ability of other companies to  Read more

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Skyline Anticompetitive Employment Agreements California Class Action

This class action brings suit against Skyline Capital Builders, LLC and Skyline Construction Enterprises, Inc., primarily for anticompetitive actions and unfair competition. According to the complaint, Skyline is an investor in commercial real estate and construction services firms and was “search[ing] for a foothold in the local San Diego construction market.” The complaint alleges, among  Read more

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John Deere Monopoly on Repairs for Its Equipment Class Action

This antitrust class action alleges that Deere & Company, which does business as John Deere, has acquired a monopoly on repairs of its agricultural equipment. The computerized engine control units (ECUs) built into the equipment, the complaint alleges require specific tools and software that Deere has not made accessible to independent repair shops or owners  Read more

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Holiday Inn Unfair Franchising Requirements New Mexico Class Action

This class action brings suit against two hotel-related entities, Six Continents Hotels, Inc., which does business as Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) and Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC (HHF), concerning unfair franchising requirements. The complaint alleges that the franchising arrangements impose onerous and unnecessary requirements on franchisees that are designed not to improve the business but to  Read more

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Fanatics Anticompetitive Actions with NFL Merchandise Antitrust Class Action

This antitrust class action brings suit against the National Football League, Inc., its affiliates, its teams, and Fanatics, Inc., alleging that they conspired to dominate online retail sales of NFL-licensed goods, such as t-shirts, hats, glasses, and other licensed merchandise. The complaint claims that, because of the conspiracy, consumers who bought the merchandise had to  Read more

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Apple Small App Developer Settlement

Apple has established a $100,000,000 fund to provide assistance to app developers as part of this settlement in light of the continuing coronavirus pandemic. It has also agreed to changes in the terms of its business arrangements with app developers. The complaint alleged that Apple had a monopoly on iOS apps and in-app product distribution  Read more

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Pratt & Whitney and Suppliers No-Poach Agreements Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this class action puts its allegations in one compact sentence: “Beginning in 2011 and continuing until at least 2019, six outsourcing firms and a powerful defense contractor entered into an illegal agreement (the ‘No Poach Agreement’) not to hire one another’s aerospace engineers and other skilled workers…” The defense contractor is Raytheon  Read more

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Aerospace, Outsourcing Companies No-Poach Agreements Class Action

In the past, certain fast-food franchising companies have been charged with anticompetitive behavior when they have formed agreements not to hire each other’s employees. In this class action, the no-poach accusations are aimed at aerospace and outsource engineering supply companies. The complaint for this class action alleges these companies suppressed competition and therefore held down  Read more

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