Pratt & Whitney and Suppliers No-Poach Agreements Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this class action puts its allegations in one compact sentence: “Beginning in 2011 and continuing until at least 2019, six outsourcing firms and a powerful defense contractor entered into an illegal agreement (the ‘No Poach Agreement’) not to hire one another’s aerospace engineers and other skilled workers…” The defense contractor is Raytheon  Read more

Raytheon Name on Side of Building

Aerospace, Outsourcing Companies No-Poach Agreements Class Action

In the past, certain fast-food franchising companies have been charged with anticompetitive behavior when they have formed agreements not to hire each other’s employees. In this class action, the no-poach accusations are aimed at aerospace and outsource engineering supply companies. The complaint for this class action alleges these companies suppressed competition and therefore held down  Read more

A Pratt & Whitney Facility Interior

Holiday Inn Franchising Requirements Pennsylvania Class Action

This class action concerns Holiday Inn franchising costs, bringing suit against Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC (HHF), Six Continents Hotels, Inc. (which does business as Intercontinental Hotels Group) (IHG), and IHG Owners Association. The complaint alleges that the franchising arrangements impose onerous and unnecessary requirements on franchisees that are designed not to improve the business but  Read more

Holiday Inn in Bensalem, PA

Google Lockbox “Secret Spying” Competition and Privacy Concerns Class Action

Google, LLC has access to a lot of customer data resulting from its control of the Android OS for smartphones. Specifically, the complaint for this class action alleges that Google has “an internal secret program” called Android Lockbox that lets it “spy on Android Smartphone users.” Google, the complaint claims, collects extensive personal data on  Read more

Cell Phone with Google on the Screen

Viatris, Mylan EpiPen Market Antitrust and RICO Violations Class Action

The sharp rise in the cost of EpiPens has been in the news as an example of the astronomical inflation of the cost of drugs. This case brings antitrust claims against Viatris, Inc. (the successor-in-interest to Mylan, NV), Mylan Specialty, LP, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Heather Bresch, alleging that “millions of American relying on this  Read more

Close-Up of Two EpiPens

Apple Monopsony for Developers in the Apple App Store Class Action

This antitrust class action alleges that, in the area of game apps, Apple is a massive “monopsony” and “[p]laintiffs and the proposed class members are largely small startups who break their back[s] on Apple’s terms to produce free apps consumed by billions.” Apple, it says, underpays app makers, illegally rejects some of their work, charges  Read more

Apple Logo

Valve Corp. Steam Platform Games Anticompetitive Actions Class Action

“Valve Corporation’s Steam platform is the dominant platform for game developers to distribute and sell PC games in the United States[,]” says the first line of the complaint for this class action. But what enables it to keep that dominant position? The complaint alleges that it’s not better pricing or other fair means, but anticompetitive  Read more

Steam Name and Logo

Align Technology Anticompetitive Actions for Aligners, Scanners Class Action

Dental aligners are a plastic, less-visible form of braces. They are also popular because they can be removed for short periods, for eating and toothbrushing. This class action brings suit against Align Technology, Inc. for anti-competitive actions and monopoly of the aligner and scanning markets.  Read more

Mouth with Invisalign Aligner

Sutter Health Anti-Competitive Actions Settlement

Sutter Health is paying $575 million to settle a combined case, consisting of a class action and lawsuit filed by the California Attorney General. The combined suit alleged that the Sutter and some of its affiliates, such as Sutter Bay Hospitals and Sutter Valley Medical Foundation, violated California’s antitrust law and its Unfair Competition law,  Read more

A Sutter Health Medical Facility

Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Settlement

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and settling individual Blue plans have come to a $2.67 billion agreement to settle class actions alleging that Blue Cross Blue Shield companies agreed not to compete with each other and to limit competition among themselves in sales and administration of health insurance. The complaints alleged that the companies violated  Read more

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