Chobani Fair Trade USA Certification Misleads Consumers Class Action

Chobani, LLC touts its products as Fair Trade USA Certified, having the “highest standards” for workers, promoting “sustainable livelihoods,” and supporting “safe animal care.” But the complaint for this class action alleges these representations are “false, without basis, and … meant to deceive consumers.” It alleges that the Fair Trade worker protections and standards are  Read more

Chobani 32-Ounce Greek Yogurt Strawberry Blended

Fairlife Milk Products Marketing Practices Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against the Coca-Cola Company, Fairlife, LLC, Fair Oaks Farms, LLC (FOF), Select Milk Producers, Inc., and two individuals, about Fairlife and FOF milk products. The complaint alleged that certain dairy products were falsely labeled and marketed as being from cows that were treated humanely. It claimed that consumers would  Read more

Fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk

Dos Toros Restaurants “Naturally” and “Humanely” Raised Meat Class Action

The Dos Toros restaurant chain claims that the animals raised for its pork and chicken dishes are raised “naturally” and “humanely.” But the complaint for this class action says that that representation is deceptive and misleading. It brings suit against Dos Toros, LLC, Dos Toros Holdings, LLC, DT Parentco, LLC, and Founders Table Restaurant Group,  Read more

Dos Toros Restaurant

Allbirds “Environmentally-Friendly” Claims New York Class Action

Allbirds, Inc. makes shoes from wool, which it advertises with the use of “eco-friendly phrases,” talking about sustainability, carbon footprint, and happy sheep. But the complaint alleges that these claims about environmental impact and animal welfare are misleading and not substantiated.  Read more

Allbirds Shoes