IVF Connecticut Antitrust Settlement

This $2.85 million settlement resolves a class action against four assisted reproductive technology (ART) companies: Women’s Health USA, Inc., In Vitro Services, LLC, Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, PC (CARS), and Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT). The complaint alleged that the four conspired to fix or raise prices and allocate geographic markets for ART  Read more


Bosch Anti-Competitive Actions on Electronic Braking Systems Class Action

The plaintiffs in this antitrust class action are a group of auto dealerships bringing suit against Robert Bosch GmbH and Robert Bosch, LLC. The complaint alleges that the companies engaged in a conspiracy to raise or fix prices and allocate the market and customers for electronic braking systems in the US. The complaint refers to  Read more

Robert Bosch Headquarters in Germany

Power Window Switches Direct Purchasers Litigation

Nidec Mobility Corporation, formerly known as Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (NMOJ), Toyo Denso Co., Ltd., and Weastec, Inc. are settling a portion of a very large automotive parts antitrust litigation for power window switches, which raise or lower vehicle windows. The complaint alleged that NMOJ and other makers of the switches conspired to raise  Read more

Disassembled Car with Parts Arranged All Around

Fuel Senders Direct Purchaser Antitrust Litigation

Yazaki Corporation, Denso Korea Corporation, and two groups of related companies have agreed to settle antitrust class actions alleging they conspired to raise or fix prices, rig bids, and allocate the market for direct purchases of fuel senders sold in the US. The complaint alleged that the companies’ conduct violated antitrust laws and caused purchasers  Read more

Disassembled Car with Parts Laid Out Around It

Synta, Ningbo Sunny Consumer Telescope Antitrust Class Action

This is one of a number of antitrust class actions brought against makers and distributors of consumer telescopes in the US, Canada, Taiwan, and China. The complaint for this class action alleges that two companies were affiliates of each other rather than competitors, and that these companies, along with a number of others, colluded to  Read more

A Synta Telescope

Delta Dental Allocation of Territories New York Antitrust Class Action

This action brings suit against Delta Dental of New York, Inc. (DDNY) by dental providers, alleging that it and its alleged co-conspirators have entered into anti-competitive agreements to allocate territories, in violation of antitrust laws. The complaint names a long list of co-conspirators on its first and second pages, including the Delta Dental Plan Association  Read more

Delta Dental Allocation of Territories Antitrust Class Action

This antitrust class action brings suit against Delta Dental Plan Association (DDPA), Delta Dental Insurance Company (DDIC), and a long list of related companies. The complaint alleges that the defendants “are independent companies who have agreed with each other to allocate markets into geographic areas in which they agree not to compete.” According to the  Read more

Delta Dental Name and Logo