Fanta Berry “100% Natural Flavors” Misleading Claim California Class Action

Consumers nowadays increasingly prefer natural to artificial flavors. This class action concerns a product from the Coca-Cola Company, a blue-colored, berry-flavored drink under the Fanta brand that claims on its front to contain “100% Natural Flavors.” The complaint for this class action claims, however, that the drink contains an artificial flavor, malic acid.  Read more

Fanta Berry Drink

Royal Oak Barbecue Charcoal Briquets Misleading Claims Class Action

Royal Oak Enterprises, LLC makes charcoal for home barbecuing. The complaint for this class action takes issue with claims the company makes for its charcoal, including that it is made entirely from hardwood and that it is somehow “cleaner” than other charcoal products.  Read more

Bag of Royal Oak Charcoal Briquets