CVS Health “Fluoride Free,” “Antiplaque,” “Natural” Toothpaste Class Action

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. offers a CVS Health toothpaste that is “Fluoride Free,” Antiplaque,” and “Certified Natural,” but the complaint for this class action alleges that none of these claims, nor the indication of peppermint on the packaging, are completely true—at least, not as the typical consumer would understand them, it claims.  Read more

CVS Health Fluoride Free, Antiplaque Toothpaste

Kroger Sparkling Water Drinks Contain Malic Acid Class Action

The Kroger Company makes a number of house-branded sparkling-water drinks in fruit flavors that purport to be “Naturally Flavored.” However, the complaint for this class action alleges that they contain an artificial ingredient, dl-malic acid, that contributes to the flavor and that is not natural.  Read more

Kroger Sparkling Water Beverage

Huggies “Natural Care” “Plant-Based Wipes” Claims Class Action

Kimberly Clark Corporation offers Huggies Natural Care baby wipes, which claim on their front labels to be “Plant-based wipes” and to provide “natural care.” The complaint for this class claims these “Challenged Representations” are deceptive, because they give the false impression that the wipes are made exclusively from natural, plant-based, non-synthetic ingredients.  Read more

Huggies Natural Care Plant-Based Wipes

Nutricost EAA, Pre-Workout Powders Calories and Flavoring Class Action

This class action brings suit against eSupplements, LLC, which does business as Nutricost, for two of its products: its EAA powder and its Pre-Workout powder. The complaint alleges that the products are deceptively labeled because (1) they do not accurately report the number of calories each serving contains, and (2) they claim to be naturally  Read more

Container of Nutricost EAA Powder

Fanta “Naturally Flavored” Dragon Fruit Soda Contains Synthetic Class Action

Consumers are more and more likely to prefer foods and drinks without synthetic ingredients, and companies are more and more likely to offer foods labeled as being “natural.” The complaint for this class action brings suit against the Coca-Cola Company for its Fanta dragon fruit-flavored soda, which is labeled as having “100% Natural Flavors.” The  Read more

Fanta Dragon Fruit Soda

Rari Nutrition “Natural” Pre-Workout Powders Class Action

Rari Nutrition, LLC makes a group of Infinity Pre-Workout Powders that are purported to make workouts better and give more energy to athletes and bodybuilders. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the company misleadingly portrays these products as being naturally flavored, when in reality they contain a synthetic ingredient, DL malic acid.  Read more

Rari Infinity Pre-Workout Powder, Blue Raspberry

Evlution BCAA “Naturally Flavored” Energy Powder California Class Action

Evlution Nutrition, LLC makes, among other products, Evlution BCAA Energy Powder, in flavors including acai berry and lemon lime. The complaint for this class action alleges that these products are “misbranded and falsely advertised in California” because the labels claim they are “Naturally Flavored” when they contain malic acid.  Read more

Evlution BCAA Energy Powder Acai Berry

Sustango “Herbal” ED Remedy Contains Viagra Drug Class Action

Sustango is marketed as a natural herbal supplement intended to treat erectile disfunction (ED). However, this class action brings suit against Ballzack Associates, LLC and the company’s owner and operator, Dean A. Spinogatti, alleging that it actually contains Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, which is a pharmaceutical that should be taken only under a  Read more

Sustango Supplement

Arizona “All Natural” Beverages and Added Coloring Missouri Class Action

This class action concerns the “All Natural” claims made for Arizona beverages by Hornell Brewing Co., Inc. Although the products are advertised as being “All Natural,” the complaint for this class action alleges they contain added coloring, including from added beta carotene, fruit and vegetable juices, annatto, and vegetable juice.  Read more

Arizona Kiwi Strawberry Fruit Juice Cocktail

Ghost Greens Superfood Contains D-L Malic Acid Class Action

Consumers these days prefer “clean label” foods—those that are all natural, with no artificial ingredients and no preservatives—and are willing to pay higher prices for them. At issue in this case is a supplement made by Ghost, LLC, which does business as Ghost Lifestyle. The Ghost Greens Superfood supplement claims to be “Naturally Flavored,” but  Read more

Ghost Greens Superfood, Lemonade Iced Tea Flavor