Monsanto and BASF Dicamba Herbicide Misrepresentations Class Action

Monsanto and BASF developed a crop system that combines the herbicide dicamba with dicamba-resistant crops. Unfortunately, as in this class action, other nearby growers allege that dicamba does not stay where it is sprayed but drifts over to destroy their non-resistant crops.   Read more

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Agri Stats and Pork Producers Price-Fixing Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this antitrust class action alleges that producers of pork conspired to raise prices on their products since at least 2009, with the help of an industry data-sharing serving called Agri Stats, Inc. Pork products include pig meat (fresh or frozen), smoked ham, sausage, and bacon.  Read more

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Monsanto, BASF Dicamba-Tolerant Crop System Damage to Nearby Crops Class Action

This is not the first lawsuit to target the Monsanto and BASF dicamba-tolerant crop system, but this particular class action seeks relief for farmers whose nearby non-dicamba-tolerant crops were damaged by the use of the Monsanto-BASF system. The complaint for this class action claims that the problems include “crop damage, yield loss, total failure of  Read more

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Syngenta Settlement for Corn Producers, Ethanol Producers, and Grain Handlers

Syngenta is putting up more than a billion and a half dollars to settle numerous lawsuits against it concerning its Viptera and Duracade genetically-modified corn seeds. Syngenta began selling Viptera in 2010 and Duracade in 2013, but the general allegations of the lawsuits are that the new traits of the seeds had not yet been  Read more

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Monsanto Dicamba Herbicide Damage to Neighboring Farms Class Action

In 2015, the USDA authorized Monsanto’s dicamba-tolerant Xtend soybean and cotton seeds for unrestricted commercial planting. However, the complaint says that the dicamba herbicides approved for use at the time were all likely to drift to neighboring crops. Still, it says, defendants Monsanto and BASF marketed and sold the Xtend seeds, the complaint claims, without  Read more

Arkansas Monsanto Dicamba Crop System Class Action

Monsanto developed a crop system built around the herbicide dicamba and dicamba-tolerant crops, in partnership with BASF. According to the complaint for this class action, in the 2016 growing season, it caused significant damage to nearby soybeans and other crops. In self-defense, the complaint claims, some farmers purchased dicamba-tolerant seeds for the 2017 growing season,  Read more

Monsanto Dicamba Herbicide Crop Damage Class Action

Are the companies responsible to have an appropriate herbicide ready for use with their newly-developed, herbicide-resistant crops? This class action alleges that Monsanto and BASF were guilty of wrongful and unlawful conduct in the development and control of the dicamba crop system, because the lack of an appropriate herbicide resulted in farmers using an inappropriate  Read more