Pratt & Whitney and Suppliers No-Poach Agreements Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this class action puts its allegations in one compact sentence: “Beginning in 2011 and continuing until at least 2019, six outsourcing firms and a powerful defense contractor entered into an illegal agreement (the ‘No Poach Agreement’) not to hire one another’s aerospace engineers and other skilled workers…” The defense contractor is Raytheon  Read more

Raytheon Name on Side of Building

Aerospace, Outsourcing Companies No-Poach Agreements Class Action

In the past, certain fast-food franchising companies have been charged with anticompetitive behavior when they have formed agreements not to hire each other’s employees. In this class action, the no-poach accusations are aimed at aerospace and outsource engineering supply companies. The complaint for this class action alleges these companies suppressed competition and therefore held down  Read more

A Pratt & Whitney Facility Interior