American Airlines Baggage Fee Settlement

A settlement of $7.5 million is resolving a class action alleging American Airlines, Inc. charged certain passengers to check their bags when they had been told they could check them for free. Passengers may check a certain number of bags for free under some conditions, such as their route of travel, class, frequent flyer status,  Read more

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Hyundai Lease-End Sales Higher Than Promised Class Action

Like many auto companies, Hyundai offers leases on its vehicles, and at the end of the lease term, it may allow the lessee to buy the vehicle. However, this class action alleges that lessees may be charged more for the vehicles than the amount specified in their lease contracts. It brings suit against Hyundai Capital  Read more

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Celink and RMF Reverse Mortgage Extra Charges Class Action

Home equity conversion mortgages (HECMs) are what the complaint for this class action calls “the federally-insured version of so-called ‘reverse mortgage’ loans[.]” The complaint calls out the practices of Compu-Link Corporation, which does business as Celink, and Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC (RMF), alleging that the companies have added fees, costs, charges, and penalties to HECM  Read more

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Nationstar Third Party Reconveyance Preparation Charges Class Action

This class action alleges that Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, which does business as Mr. Cooper, charged mortgage borrowers improper fees when their mortgages were released, assessing them a Third Party Reconveyance Preparation Fee or a Third Party Reconveyance/Release Preparation Fee, or something similar, even though neither the law nor their mortgage contracts permitted these fees.  Read more

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iContainer “All-Inclusive” Shipping from Overseas Class Action

When you put your goods into the hands of a company, to have them shipped to a different location, you rely on them to get the shipment to its destination for the contracted price. The complaint for this class action brings suit against iContainers USA, Inc. and its parent company, iContainers Solutions SL, alleging that  Read more

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Ally Bank, Better Mortgage Appraisal “Management Fee” Class Action

Sometimes when you pay a fee up front, the actual cost of the service turns out to be lower. If so, you may get a refund. This is what Ally Bank and Better Mortgage Corporation promised customers who paid an appraisal fee up front with their home mortgage applications. But the complaint for this class  Read more

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Tesla Raises Prices on Existing Contracts for Solar Roofs Class Action

In 2016, Tesla bought SolarCity, a solar panel company, founded by two cousins of Elon Musk. But customers waiting for installations of its new Solar Roof have now been informed they will have to pay as much as 50% more than they were told, in what the complaint for this class action says is “classic  Read more

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Belfor Property Restoration Padded Charges for Rental Equipment Class Action

The original incident behind this class action was the collapse of a building, which damaged a neighboring building, whose owner in turn hired Belfor USA Group, Inc. to do restoration work. The complaint for this class action alleges that Belfor, which does business as Belfor Property Restoration, “overcharges [clients]—up to three to four times more  Read more

Jackson National Variable Annuity Withdrawal Charges Settlement

Jackson National Life Insurance Company and Jackson National Life Insurance Company of New York are settling a class action for $8.75 million. The complaint claimed the companies required customers to pay an improper withdrawal or recapture charges if they made early withdrawals from their variable annuities. According to the plaintiffs, this was improper because they  Read more

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Fifth Third Bank and Non-Fifth Third ATM Fees Settlement

Fifth Third Bank is settling a class action against it for more than $5 million. The complaint alleged that the bank breached its contract with account holders by charging them Non-Fifth Third ATM fees for balance inquiries at ATMs that were not in its network, and for charging them more than one such fee when  Read more

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