American Airlines Charges for “Free” Checked Bag Class Action

According to the complaint for this class action, in 2019, American Airlines, Inc. (AA) earned over $1.4 billion in baggage fees. AA now offers to allow certain customers to check bags for free now, but the complaint alleges that “AA systematically required these passengers to pay to check bags and thus breached its contract with  Read more

Tails of Several American Airlines Planes

Hanscon FCU Unlawful Imposition of Fees Class Action

Hanscom Federal Credit Union, claims the complaint for this class action, seeks “to maximize the fees it imposes on members.” It does this, the complaint says, by charging overdraft (OD) or nonsufficient funds (NSF) fees on accounts that had enough money to cover the transactions, and by imposing more than one NSF fee on a  Read more

A Hanscom FCU Location

Navy Federal Credit Union Foreign Fees for Online Purchases Class Action

Is a transaction by an American in the US at a foreign website a foreign transaction? Should it be subject to the additional International Service Assessment Fees (ISAF) charged by banks and other credit or debit card companies for foreign transactions? This class action, against Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) says no.  Read more

Navy Federal Credit Union Name on Flag Background

Capital One Out-of-Network Balance Check Fee Settlement

Capital One is paying $13 million to settle a class action alleging that it charged accountholders improper fees. The complaint alleged that when accountholders made balance inquiries at out-of-network ATMs, Capital One charged fees that breached its contracts with the customers. An out-of-network ATM is one that is not part of Capital One’s fee-free ATM  Read more

Row of Different ATMs

Boeing Employees Credit Union Improper Transfers and Fees Class Action

We’ve seen class actions against banks and credit unions for charging multiple nonsufficient funds (NSF) fees on a single item. This class action against Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) also complains about making improper transfers between business and personal accounts and processing items out of order.  Read more


Disney Destinations Debits for Expired Passes Class Action

With the closures designed to stop the spread of Covid-19, questions have arisen about who pays for what, from memberships to airline tickets to insurance payouts. The complaint for this class action alleges that Disney Destinations, LLC suspended payments for passes for a time during the closures, then suddenly reinstated them—including in some instances for  Read more

Walt Disney World

Connecticut MDC Water Bill Surcharge Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against a Connecticut Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) for applying non-member surcharges to water bills in four towns: East Granby, Farmington, Glastonbury, and South Windsor. The complaint alleged that the surcharges breached contracts between MDC and its customers. The surcharges totaled $7,518,153, and MDC will pay up to $7,680,000 to  Read more

MDC Reservoir and Dam

Point & Pay Misstatement of Processing Fees Florida Class Action

Point & Pay is a “funds transmission service and bill payment processing company” which has more than 1,500 clients, including governments, utilities, and courts. However, the complaint for this class action allege that the company and its clients “misrepresent, conceal, and misstate processing fees” to consumers, so that they end up paying more than they  Read more

Point & Pay Name

Sandia Laboratory FCU Improper Overdraft Fees Class Action

This class action brings suit against Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union (SLFCU) for charging overdraft (OD) fees when no overdraft has actually occurred. The complaint alleges that customers have been charged OD fees when their accounts had enough money in them to cover the transaction in question.  Read more

Sandia Laboratory FCU Sign in Front of Building

AT&T Mobility Charges for Services Not Requested California Class Action

AT&T National Mobility Accounts, Inc. and AT&T Corporation are telecommunications companies that offer cell phone services in Georgia and New Jersey. The complaint for this class action alleges that the companies “knowingly and actively” charged customers for Internet Services Tech Support 360 services, when the customers had never bought or subscribed to those services, and  Read more

AT&T Name and Logo on Building