PHH Mortgage Processing Fees for Payments Florida Class Action

The complaint for this class action cites charges made by PHH Mortgage Corporation (which does business as PHH Mortgage Services) when customers pay their mortgages online or by telephone. The complaint claims that this extra charge is unlawful and brings suit under the Florida Consumer Collection Processes Act (FCCPA).  Read more

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iThink Financial Credit Union Unfair OD and NSF Fees Class Action

The iTHINK Financial Credit Union was formerly the IBM Southeast Employees’ Credit Union (IBMSECU). The complaint for this class action alleges that the credit union does “unfair and unconscionable assessment and collection of ‘overdraft fees’ (‘OD Fees’) on accounts that were never actually overdrawn, and … routinely charg[es] two or more fees, including OD Fees  Read more

Statement with List of Overdraft and NSF Fees

Target Debit Card Returned Payment Fee Settlement

Target Corporation has agreed to pay $5 million and waive more than $3 million in unpaid returned payment fees (RPFs) to customers in order to settle a class action. The complaint alleged that Target deceptively marketed its debit cards and that it breached it agreements and the duty of good faith and fair dealing in  Read more

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St. Anne’s Credit Union Multiple NSF Fees on One Item Class Action

Can a bank charge its customers more than one non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee on the same transaction or item? The complaint for this class action alleges that St. Anne’s Credit Union does so, and that this is a violation of its contract with its account holders.  Read more

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Bank of America Charges for International Withdrawals Class Action

Some banks now offer travelers the convenience of accessing funds in their bank accounts through ATM machines while they’re overseas. The complaint for this class action alleges that Bank of America, NA (BOA) assesses “hidden and inflated” international transaction fees (ITF) to its account holders when they use foreign ATMs.  Read more

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Dacotah Bank Overdraft Fees for Accounts Not Overdrawn Class Action

Recently many class actions have complained about improper overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees, which add to the profits of banks and credit unions. The complaint for this class action alleges that Dacotah Bank charges customers overdraft or non-sufficient funds fees on items that do not actually overdraw accounts.  Read more

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Santander Auto Loans Pay-to-Pay Fees Class Action

Can a lender charge you extra when you make your loan payments online or over the telephone? Not if that charge is not expressly authorized by your loan contract, says the complaint for this class action against Santander Consumer USA, Inc., which has been charging its auto loan customers up to $10.95.  Read more

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Turo Vehicle Damage Appraisal and Processing Fees Class Action

If you rent a car, you expect to hear an immediate report of any damage found when you return it. You also expect the examination for damage to be part of the rent-and-return process. The complaint for this class action alleges that Turo, Inc. informs customers of damage days after a vehicle is returned and  Read more

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Nationstar Online, Telephone “Processing Fees” Florida Class Action

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC now does business under the name of Mr. Cooper. The complaint for this class action alleges that when Nationstar services mortgages, it charges “illegal and improper” processing fees when payments on mortgages are made over the phone. The law at issue is the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (FCCPA).  Read more

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Crescom Bank Multiple Non-Sufficient Funds Fees on One Item Class Action

How many times can your bank charge you non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees and/or overdraft (OD) fees on the same item? The complaint for this class action alleges that Crescom Bank charges multiple such fees, and it also alleges that those multiple charges violate the bank’s own contract as well as South Carolina consumer protection laws.  Read more

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