Juul Labs E-Cigarettes and Costs to Counties Class Action

Many class actions have been filed against Juul Labs, Inc. and its related companies because of the addictive effects of vaping or its apparently youth-oriented marketing. This one is different in that the plaintiff is not a person who became addicted to vaping but Kings County in the state of Washington, which complains of the  Read more

King County, Washington

Juul Labs Cases Combined into Single MDL Action in Northern California

When a number of plaintiffs sue the same defendant on the same issues, with common questions of fact, cases can be combined in what’s called multi-district litigation (MDL). That’s what’s happening in the combining of multiple cases against Juul Labs, Inc. into the multi-district case In re: Juul Labs, Inc., Marketing, Sales Practices, and Products  Read more

Juul E-Cigarette and Pods

Juul Deceptive Advertising and Risks of E-Cigarettes Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that a Juul “packs a more powerful nicotine punch than traditional cigarettes because JUUL contains roughly twice the nicotine concentration as cigarettes and other vape pens.” It alleges that Juul Labs, Inc., the maker of the e-cigarettes, knew that it posed risks for users, but “continued to disseminate  Read more

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