Sacklers, Others Cost Pennsylvania Billions via Opioids Class Action

This class action brings suit against seventeen individuals, seven bearing the last or middle name “Sackler,” each of whom, the complaint alleges, has played a part in spreading opioid addiction in Pennsylvania. The complaint charges that they “have gained extreme monetary wealth and caused extreme financial harm to the addicted and their families.”  Read more

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McKinsey Helped Purdue Increase OxyContin Sales Alabama Class Action

This complaint is brought by a county and city in Alabama against McKinsey & Company, Inc. and two related McKinsey companies on the subject of opioids, citing “significantly increased costs, as well as a dramatic increase of social problems, including … drug abuse and the commission of criminal acts to obtain opioids.” The complaint says  Read more

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Purdue Bankruptcy and Filing of Opioid-Related Claims

This is for those seeking compensation Purdue Pharma, LP, claiming harm from its actions or its opioids, such as OxyContin. Cases have been filed against Purdie and related companies, alleging that Purdue pushed its opioids excessively and deliberately underestimated their risks. Individuals are making claims for addiction and wrongful death, and even states have claimed  Read more

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Juul, Altria, Philip Morris Vaping Products Pennsylvania Class Action

A number of class actions have been filed against Juul Labs, Inc. for the effects of its products, particularly on minors. This case brings suit not only against Juul but also against Altria Group, Inc and Philip Morris USA, Inc., “on behalf of all Pennsylvania citizens who have purchased, used, become addicted to, or been  Read more

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Juul Labs E-Cigarettes and Costs to Counties Class Action

Many class actions have been filed against Juul Labs, Inc. and its related companies because of the addictive effects of vaping or its apparently youth-oriented marketing. This one is different in that the plaintiff is not a person who became addicted to vaping but Kings County in the state of Washington, which complains of the  Read more

King County, Washington