Cengage Learning Calculation of Textbook Author Royalties Class Action

Cengage Learning Holding II, Inc. and Cengage Learning, Inc., the defendants in this case, are publishing companies; the plaintiff, Fred Kleiner, is an author. The complaint alleges that Cengage underpays Kleiner’s royalties by ten to thirty percent and thus calculates that Cengage owes authors $12 million to $18 million in underpaid royalties each year.  Read more

Cengage Name and Logo

Holiday Inn Unfair Franchising Requirements New Mexico Class Action

This class action brings suit against two hotel-related entities, Six Continents Hotels, Inc., which does business as Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) and Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC (HHF), concerning unfair franchising requirements. The complaint alleges that the franchising arrangements impose onerous and unnecessary requirements on franchisees that are designed not to improve the business but to  Read more

A Holiday Inn in New Mexico