Sunoco Rewards Card Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Sunoco does not always pay the 5 cent per gallon discount it advertises to Sunoco Rewards Credit Card cardholders.

It is common practice for gas companies to offer reward programs to consumers who use the gas company’s credit card to purchase gas.  Sunoco offers a 5 cent per gallon discount to all consumers that first open a Sunoco Rewards Credit Card and then use that card to purchase gas at a Sunoco gas station.

The complaint goes to some length to chronicle Sunoco’s efforts to market the 5 cent per gallon discount, reciting the advertising and claims on Sunoco’s web site as well as photographs of Sunoco’s brochures.

The plaintiff in this case used the Sunoco Credit Card in January, 2015 and then again in April, 2015.  He noticed that he did not receive the 5 cent discount.  The lawsuit alleges that he contacted Sunoco and was even told he should get the discount, but Sunoco at no time ever gave him the discount.

Consequently, he brought this suit and seeks to represent a class of cardholders that did not get the promised 5 cent per gallon discount when using their Sunoco Rewards Credit Card at Sunoco gas stations.

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